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SADHGRAHA Tribal house Key handover ceremony

" SADHGRAHA " - Sheltering humanity….

To Build House for the Tribal People of our Nation


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SADHGRAHA tribal house key handover ceremony for Actor Mony

HRDS INDIA is introduced for the upliftment of the tribal people of Palakkad, Wayanad and Idukki districts as well as with an altruistic sentiments of saving these inhabitants from the deplorable conditions in which they live. Primarily the project envisages building houses for the poor deserving dwellers of the sited districts. This can be made feasible only to those who own at least 3 cents of plots in the area of the project. It has been assessed that by providing new houses they can escape from the hazardous climatic conditions and kindles a light of hope in their minds. For maintaining a reasonable standard of living, they would be given training in skilled labour, especially to the women of the tribe. Thus they can give unawareness of the importance of stable employment and the enjoyment of a meaningful life. The houses to be build with “ Fibre Cement Panels” a totally new building material were used in constructions. These Panels, manufactured with eco- friendly components, can stand the test of time and are ideally suitable for the extreme climatic conditions of the said districts. For strength and viability, these ‘ Fibre Cement Panelss” have been awarded wealth certificates of approval by “CII green products and Service Council”

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Tribal population is very high in various States of our Country. Most of the Tribes are situating in very poor living conditions. More than half of the Tribal population resides in six states: Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkhand and Gujarat. The Northeast of India has a particularly heavy Tribal element. These ancient aboriginal peoples tend to live in isolated communities in hills and forestlands, far from urban centers. There are 4614 landless Tribal families in the State of Kerala. In this circumstances of Kerala more than 55 percent live in dilapidated houses. In all, 39,850 houses do not have kitchen and 49 percent does not have toilets. Half of the population deprived of pure drinking water and 1252 Tribal hamlets are not electrified. More than 1300 Tribal settlements face threat from wild animals. Many of the families do not have any access to medical care. Among them 4,036 are differently disabled and 2386 are mentally-challenged. The community has 40,323 chronic patients. The literacy rate among the scheduled Tribes is 72.77.

" SADHGRAHA " Tribal house key handover ceremony

Most of them used to drop out from schools at the primary level itself. Poverty and lack of access to educational institutions are the major reasons. Dress pattern of the Tribes is Kerang Saree reaching half way of the knee, great rings on their neck, rings on their fingers, brass bell on their toes, heavy brass bangles on hand and various necklaces in their neck. Tribes used to build a shed for domestic animals outside their residence with homogenous pattern. The walls are made of mud or stone with a number of pillars supporting the roof, which is thatched with forest grass or paddy straws. Typically most of the houses don’t have windows. In some places the houses built with loosely layered stone walls for the boundary and plastic sheets as roof. The soil of the projects sites are mostly red, mixed red, alluvial, red and black. Texture in most of the locations is sandy and clay loam. Ph level is most suitable for cultivation and its fertility status is very high.

Tribal house building phases

SADHGRAHA tribal house key handover ceremony for Actor Mony held on 14/05/2017 at Sultan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala.

SADHGRAHA Tribal house key handover ceremony held at Wayanad on 20-04-2017

SADHGRAHA Tribal house key handover ceremony Inauguration

The smile of hope

HRDS INDIA organisation members get together on SADHGRAHA Tribal house key handover ceremony