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HRDS to build 1,000 houses in Attappadi for tribals

Sadgraha Tribal housing project has plans to cultivate organic medicainal herbs in 5,000 acres in Attappadi with the support of Adivasis.

Published on January 31, 2019

PAZHANIAMMA is a widow residing in Aanakatti Ooru. She was living in an old house and when she applied for one to HRDS India, an NGO, for her unemployed son, Nandakumar, it was sanctioned and completed.

“Each house is a 370-square feet pre-fabricated structure built at a cost of Rs. 3 , 9 2 , 5 8 0 ” AjiKrishnan, founder secretary of HRDS India, told Express. “A simple application is received at the HRDS India office in Mattathkad, Attappadi, from those Adivasis who own a least 2 cents. Subsequently, a field team goes and verifies the contents in the form. There were many Adivasis who were living on rent. If their relatives were to donate two cents, a house will be allotted. We have built 300 houses and it is pro-posed to complete 1,000 houses in Attappadi in the first phase alone,” he said. HRDS India mobilises resources from CSR funds of corporates.

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12th July, 2019

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    HRDS India helps tribes to their dream come true

    Published on January 22, 2019

    It’s the realization of a dream. Every tribal wants to live in dignity and very soon the Tribals of Kerala will have a decent house to stay. HRDS INDIA has brought about a revolution in the lives of 1000 Tribal families in the Attapadi Tribal Block in the Palakkad district by ensuring each one of them has a proper house. Out of this 300 houses have been completed and will be handed over to the tribal families shortly.

    For long the Tribals in various states have been neglected and marginalized a lot. Most of them don’t have even the basic requisites like housing and clothing. Now for the first time in the history of independent India, the Tribals are going to get 1000 pucca houses by an NGO in Kerala. Well, this great feat has been made possible by HRDS INDIA, an NGO dedicated to uplifting and improving the conditions of the tribal population in the country. This is the first time that such a large scale housing scheme has been launched exclusively for the Tribals in the country and HRDS INDIA are the pioneers in this field.

    Kerala flood: The NGO in India HRDSIndia’s step in to help victims

    HRDS INDIA is a committed and benign an NGO in India with extensive roots in rural and high range territories of Kerala and is resolutely devoted in constructing houses to indigenous native people as well as providing them with requisite amenities for a noble and respectable living including imparting skill development training to the youth dwelling there.