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As an NGO in India HRDS INDIA's vision is to build a world in which every tribe (downtrodden people ) attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Compassion for downtrodden people and nature , equalize and sustainable Society Our mission is to promote all aspects of Tribal and Rural development throughout India, with a focus on Kerala and Tamilnadu, integrated approaches to help downtrodden people mobilize for self-sustaining development initiatives. Our efforts are directed at rehabilitating total human development and bringing about social change through awareness as well as forming local level organizations to ensure social justice and self-reliance. We aim to equitable economic conditions of poor communities by realizing the potential of personal skills and resources.
  • Promotion of Self Help Groups.
  • Organizing and implememtation of social welfare and educational activities.
  • Establishment and running of medical relief programmes and projects.
  • Implementation of income generating and self employment programs and among poor and needy.
  • Implementation of programs and projects for upbringing of children from wretchedness.
  • Awareness programs for health,community development and empowerment.
  • Implementation of welfare programs for poor and destitute.
  • Implementation of Tribal development programs and projects.
  • Housing and sanitation projects for homeless.
  • Rain water preservation and harvesting.
  • Tourism promotion activities.
  • Prevension of AIDS and awareness programs.
  • Employment generation and training programs.
  • Environment development programs.