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Home for Homeless

May 2, 2019

As we had discussed and initiated a Home for Homeless is the main moto of HRDS India an NGO in India. As we all know a shelter, it's one of the basic human necessity and image a situation for a family including children doesn't have any shelter.

Few days before there was a story on all the media regarding a family who doesn't have any shelter and they are forced to live under the bridge.

The story was regarding Vinod and his family who had found their shelter under the bridge in the place called Nedumudi in Alappuzha district. Many media and new agents have reported the same, but no solution found for them.

Anyhow HRDS India came to know about the pathetic situation of Vinod and family. Then HRDS India as an NGO in India who mainly focussed on helping homeless people had enquired regarding the matter and as an NGO in India decided to help them.

HRDS India's Founder - Secretary - Aji Krishnan took over Vinod's family and decided to build a house. He also promised that HRDS would be making the house in the same model as they had been building for the tribes in Attapadi. Up to the completion, Vinod's family will shift to a rented house, and HRDS India will provide the rent.