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How HRDS India an NGO in India for Tribal welfare differ from other NGO's

March 25, 2019

Heading: How HRDS India an NGO in India for Tribal welfare differ from other NGO's Initially, we state that HRDS India an NGO in India who works for the tribal welfare, we chose tribals that the initial difference that we need to highlight.

Why we chose tribal welfare?
Initially let us explain about tribes than we will let you know why we are working as an NGO in India for tribes.
Tribals are unfortunately the most neglected ones and they do stand in a place at the very bottom layer of our society.

Records show that about 70% of Indians live in rural areas. They receive little or no attention from local, state and national governments. They are deprived of all the essential amenities like proper shelter, sanitation, education, healthcare. etc.

Various governmental schemes took shape because of this, but they ended up being beyond the reach of these unfortunate souls. They are rather resigned to fate with no one to complain to or care for them.

Over the past 18 years, HRDS INDIA the NGO in India has made its mark on the pages of history by drawing up several projects focusing on tribal welfare.

The objective of HRDS INDIA as an NGO in India introduced several projects for the upliftment of tribes in India, these projects are for the overall development of the tribal communities mainly in Kerala, India by providing them with shelter, food, clean, water, clothing, medical care, and education. We have introduced the projects so that They should get out from their primitive lifestyle and guided to set their footing in firmer grounds.

They cannot develop by themselves. We should join hands to help empower them to achieve a total makeover in their live. All kinds of hindrance may come in between their present lifestyle and the world of opportunities between them. We can create better conditions. HRDS as an NGO helps them understand and come out of predicaments thereby inviting lights in their lives.