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NGO in India for Tribes! Needs your Support

April 16, 2019

HRDS India an NGO in India is a well-known organisation which stands for the welfare of tribes in India. As a responsible NGO in India who works for the protection and development of tribes have launched a project named Sadhgraha this project of HRDS India the NGO in India aims to provide the basic necessity of humans, a shelter, ie a home.
Tribals in India are the most neglected community there living condition are pathetic, they even don't have a shelter or a shade to protect themselves.

As an NGO in India who works for tribes, HRDS India cant accept the condition. Keeping these conditions and hurdles in mind, we have come forward with a project named SADHGRAHA. Many wholeheartedly people helped HRDS India an NGO in India complete this milestone. Initially, authorities also supported HRDS India an NGO in India for housing initiative.

NGO in India, HRDS India have completed more than 66 houses in rural places in Kerala and ready to hand over to tribes. The current scenario is that local government authorities and officials are rejecting it. They are opposing it by telling some unusual facts this hinders HRDS India in full filling these projects. NGO in India HRDS India has gathered tribes in India against this injustise hence support HRDS India for completion of this project so that we can prove that we are the NGO in India who truly stands for Tribes.