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"India's development is through villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

HRDS INDIA: An NGO for Tribal Welfare in India

donations for the poor

The world is tossing around the word 'Humanity' but humans have sadly fenced their minds with erroneous assumptions. We've obstructed our humanity with the concepts that doesn't align to a modest culture. Barren state of poor and underprivileged are subject of neglect for us. At the forefront of any cumulative political agenda, lies various field fortifications in the form of Barricades, which remain hidden from the masses due to its intangible nature. For instance, homeless brothers and sisters, impoverished children, rag survivors, oppressed women et. al demonstrate the these blockades of our society whose dereliction, we tend to neglect blatantly. This is where nonprofit organizations play a vital role in looping its volunteers to humanize the branding of goodness, benevolence and charity. This way we help to uplift the abandoned and the downtrodden, simultaneously spurring them to continue their philanthropic support.

HRDS INDIA, ideated by the Former Union Minister Dr. S. Krishnakumar IAS (Rtd.) and Mr Aji Krishnan, president and founder secretary respectively, strives to ensure that even the most vulnerable and unseen, unheard voices realize their existence. Tribal communities set the most vulnerable sect with such adversaries, perhaps this is why HRDS INDIA endeavors to break the vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy for them through its humanitarian interventions. Destitution- a rampant barricade that affects the basic sustenance of an individual and further hinders the economic growth of the country. Its pervasive influence can only be diminished through removal of such hurdles from our path. Eradication of such fortifications becomes a necessity for a classless society.

Founded in 1997, the NGO persistently works to encapsulate the values that fosters the holistic growth of deprived tribes. It attempts to remove the prevailing bars through its myriad beneficial projects like “Sadhgraha” (Tribal Housing Project), “Jwalamukhi” Women Empowerment Programme (Micro Credit initiative for SHG’s), “Ekagrah” Educational Programme (Educational, Cultural & Skill Development Programme DDU-GKY Govt. of India), “Niramaya” Centre for Traditional Medicine and Research (Health, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sidhaand Yoga), “Karshaka” Cultivation of Medicinal Plants for the Sustainable Livelihood of Tribal People (Sustainable Sericulture, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, Organic Natural Farming, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture Development). Such projects foster community motivation and social mobilization.

Swimming against the conventional undercurrents of the society, the members of HRDS INDIA manifest the ideal objective of its organization which is to provide shelter, promote sustainable development, foster social inclusion of neglected tribes, etc. In a nutshell the continuous act of demolition of the unnecessary barricades are the primary goal of HRDS INDIA so that people enjoy the smooth asphalted roads, without any latent or surface impediments on their journey.

donations for the poor

donations for the poor
HRDS INDIA's Secretary Aji Krishnan has received Baba Saheb National Award 2016 for Outstanding Contribution for the Upliftment of the Society and its Reformation from Central Cabinet Minister (Social Justice and Empowerment ) Sri. Thawar Chand Gehlot in New Delhi with Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Prof. P.J. Kurien and Usha Krishnakumar.

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HRDS INDIA's President Dr.S. Krishnakumar IAS ( Retd ) and his wife Usha Krishnakumar have visited Sri.Pranab Mukherjee the Honourable President of India and make discussion about issues of Tribal people facing in Kerala.

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Formulating Base to Build a Sustainable Society

HRDS INDIA envisions to build a society in which every member of the secluded tribe attains the right to survival, protection, and development. The key objective is promotion of Tribal and Rural development throughout the country, with specific attention drift on the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Our motto is to help downtrodden people mobilize, through integrated approaches via self-sustaining development initiatives. Our efforts are directed at rehabilitating total human development and bringing about social awareness. We aim at clubbing local level organizations to ensure social justice and self-reliance. In this manner, we foresee equitable economic conditions for poor communities by realizing the potential of personal skills and resources.

Who we are

Motor cause for the establishment of HRDS INDIA (The Highrange Rural Development Society) is deprivation of the indigenous, lacking support at the time of dire need. We strongly wish to touch the lives of such downtrodden by pulling them out of their miseries, within our capacity and make their life better living in Indian villages. Lending helping hands to the needful is our utmost ambition.
President charitable trust in india

Dr.S.Krishna Kumar IAS(Rtd.)
Former Union Minister

Founder/Secretary charitable trust in kerala

Aji Krishnan

charitable trust in kerala