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"India's development is through villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

HRDS INDIA An NGO in India for Tribal Welfare

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Tribals are unfortunately the most neglected lots having a place at the very bottom strata of our society.

Records show that about 70% of Indians live in rural areas. They receive little or no attention from local, state and national governments. They are deprived of all the essential amenities like proper shelter, sanitation, education, healthcare and hence have a somewhat stunted economic growth. They are rather resigned to fate with no one to complain to or care for them. Various governmental schemes took shape because of this, but they ended up being beyond the reach of these unfortunate souls. Even when we can afford to think of exploring newer options of opening shop in Mars, our brothers and sisters still lag and struggle for drops of clean water, clothing, shelter, electricity, sanitation and wallow in diseases and are poverty-stricken. They may not even be aware that this is all happening in our world and that all eyes are on India as it emerges as a world leader even in the space technology arena. They remain in the abyss of darkness, poor and ignorant, their woes unknown to us.

Over the past 18 years, HRDS INDIA the NGO in India has made its mark on the pages of history by drawing up several projects focusing on tribal welfare.

The objective of HRDS INDIA as an NGO in India, these projects are for the overall development of the tribal communities by providing them with shelter, food, clean, water, clothing, medical care, and education. They should be helped out of their primitive lifestyle and guided to set their footing in firmer grounds. They cannot develop by themselves. We should join hands to help empower them to achieve a total makeover in their live. All kinds of hindrance may come in between their present lifestyle and the world of opportunities between them. We can create better conditions. HRDS as an NGO helps them understand and come out of predicaments thereby inviting lights in their lives. Why waste a whole life when they could be put to better use to the world? They should be empowered to do it. Why not give them an opportunity to create their space in life and work together to make India proud.

Save a Child Village

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India represents 17.31% of world population at 1.27 billion. (2014). More than 50% of India's current population is below the age of 25. Reports point out that about one-third of the population live in poverty . Out of every 10 children in the world with malnutrition and stunted growth, 3 are from India.

Save the Children is an internationally active non-governmental organization that protects children's rights, provides relief and helps support of children in developing countries. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1919 in order to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and providing economic opportunities and emergency aid in any event of war, and other natural disaster.

The concept is aimed at identifying abandoned children, protecting and providing them with shelter, food, clothing, motherly care ,medical and nursing care, proper education , training and supporting them till they attain maturity.

The mission of the Village is to provide the best possible healthcare for children who have nowhere else to go. The Village provides residential therapeutic care for emotionally troubled children of 5 to 20 years, as well as counseling and professional mentoring programmes for youngsters and their families.

When a women is empowered, a family is empowered

The concept of Self Help groups (SHGs) is the brainchild of Dr Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh to empower the poor women of that country to earn independent livelihood through self-employment. The sunshine Dr Yunus brought to the dark and squalid alleys of Bangladesh now spreads its golden rays of hope into the lives of millions of poor and down-trodden people around the world. As an NGO who works for women empowerment, HRDS INDIA began formation of SHGs way back in 1999 on the 'Yunus model' of Bangladesh Grameen Bank. 750 SHGs formed by HRDS INDIA are now in Micro Credit operation in Udumbanchola, Peermade and Devikulam taluks in the Idukki district of Kerala, besides 2000 such groups in the tsunami-affected in costal areas of the Kanyakumari district , Tamilnadu, India.

SHGs are human element in the rural development strategy of HRDS INDIA. Each SHG is a team of rural poor who have volunteered to organise themselves into a group for eradication of poverty of the members. They agree to save regularly and convert their savings into a common fund. Members of the group agree to use this and such other fund that they may receive as a group through a common management system.

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HRDS INDIA's Project office, Palakkad inaugurated by Sree Ramanantha Moorthi Swamikal(Singapore).

donations for the poor
HRDS INDIA's Secretary Aji Krishnan has received Baba Saheb National Award 2016 for Outstanding Contribution for the Upliftment of the Society and its Reformation from Central Cabinet Minister (Social Justice and Empowerment ) Sri. Thawar Chand Gehlot in New Delhi with Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Prof. P.J. Kurien and Usha Krishnakumar.

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HRDS INDIA's President Dr.S. Krishnakumar IAS ( Retd ) and his wife Usha Krishnakumar have visited Sri.Pranab Mukherjee the Honourable President of India and make discussion about issues of Tribal people facing in Kerala.

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Vision and Mission

Compassion for downtrodden people and nature , equalize and sustainable Society

Our mission is to promote all aspects of Tribal and Rural development throughout India, with a focus on Kerala and Tamilnadu, integrated approaches to help downtrodden people mobilize for self-sustaining development initiatives. Our efforts are directed at rehabilitating total human development and bringing about social change through awareness as well as forming local level organizations to ensure social justice and self-reliance. We aim to equitable economic conditions of poor communities by realizing the potential of personal skills and resources.

Who we are

Where there is a need for a help, you will not find a helping hand… this truth is the cause for the formation of HRDS INDIA (High Range Rural Development Society) we want to touch the life of the poor and needy, help them out of there miseries within our capacity and make their life better, it is not only the poor people of Indian villages we are focused on, but the whole of India….. We are here to stretch out our hands for the needy....

President charitable trust in india

Dr.S.Krishna Kumar IAS(Rtd.)
Former Union Minister

Founder/Secretary charitable trust in kerala

Aji Krishnan

charitable trust in kerala