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HRDS INDIA an NGO in India

HRDS INDIA is a registered NGO which puts forward the agenda of Tribal Development in entirety. Since its inception, HRDS INDIA visualizes India free of social dogmas and disparity. Restoration of humanity and cultivation of the humane society is its chosen path. HRDS INDIA primarily focuses on uplifting living standards of the oppressed, especially the Tribes. Several welfare projects have been initiated across India that directly benefit many tribal families. The Projects undertaken spreads across varied sectors like education, health, livelihood and woman empowerment.

We attempt to address all aspects of Tribal and Rural Development across India, keeping Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Tripura, Assam and Jharkhand in the central domain.

Our projects include “Sadhgraha” (Tribal Housing Project), “Jwalamukhi” Women Empowerment Programme (Micro Credit initiative for SHG’s), “Ekagrah” Educational Programme (Educational, Cultural & Skill Development Programme DDU-GKY Govt. of India), “Niramaya” Centre for Traditional Medicine and Research (Health, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sidhaand Yoga), “Karshaka” Cultivation of Medicinal Plants for the Sustainable Livelihood of Tribal People (Sustainable Sericulture, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, Organic Natural Farming, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture Development). Such projects foster community motivation and social mobilization. Where there is a need for a help, you will not find a helping hand… this truth is the cause for the formation of HRDS INDIA (High Range Rural Development Society) we want to touch the life of the poor and needy, help them out of there miseries within our capacity and make their life better, it is not only the poor people of Indian villages we are focused on, but the whole of India….. We are here to stretch out our hands for the needy....


Patron - Dr. S. Krishna Kumar IAS (Rtd.)

Dr. S. Krishna Kumar IAS (Rtd.) is a distinguished Engineer, Technocrat and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer (1963 Batch) turned Political Leader. He has a successful track record of 17 years in the Indian Administrative Service heading several important Government departments and Central and State Government undertakings. He was an acknowledged able Central Government Minister in India handling Ministries of Health and Family Welfare,

Textiles and Information and Broadcasting under Prime Minister Sri Rajiv Gandhi and Defence, Petroleum, Alternative Energy and Agriculture under Prime Minister Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao. He combines a brilliant academic background, administrative and technical career as well as a successful political career as a Member of Parliament and Union Minister.

Dr. S. Krishna Kumar is engaged in a number of socio-economic and industrial projects in the country. He holds the Chairmanship of some Private sector business and Industrial ventures. He also heads the consultancy and project firm ‘Indo-Global Vision Consultancies and Projects Private Limited’ with the main objective of Planning, Facilitation, Investment in and implementation of projects including joint ventures in India. He also heads several movements such as AWAKE (All World Alliance of Kerala Entrepreneurs), Karmanya Trust for HRD and Employment, Progress Kerala Society and TRUTH (Trust for Religious Unity, Tolerance and Harmony). He is currently the Chairman of five international Chambers of Commerce - Asian Arab, Indo-Sri Lanka, Indo-Suriname, Indo-Bosnia and Latin American Caribbean Federation of India.

He was first Rank and Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerala – 1960, first Rank All India in the Indian Railway Service of Engineers – 1961, Post-graduation in MA (Sociology) – Annamalai University – First Class – 2006, Doctorate in Public Policy at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani - 2014 – Thesis - “Kerala Model of Development – Critical Analysis and a Design for the Future”. Dr. S. Krishna Kumar has been trained abroad in Management, Leadership and Socio-economic Development by the UN, International Union of Local Authorities, World Bank, USAID, Soviet Society for International Friendship, British and Chinese Governments. Also trained by the Government of India and several Institutes of Management. Fellow of the World Bank and IULA in Urban Development. Qualified Corporate Independent Director certified by the Institute of Directors, India.

Noted Contributions:
A legendary District Collector of Ernakulam who conducted Mass Family Planning Campaigns in Kerala 1970-73 winning international recognition, credited with reversing the state’s population growth momentum and making Kerala first State to achieve zero growth rate. Noted for implementing land reforms in Kerala, author of the ‘Greater Cochin Development Master Plan’ implementing major urban development schemes earning public approbation as ‘the builder of modern Cochin’. Emancipation of Kerala fishermen through fisheries village societies. Architect of Kerala’s ‘Ten Thousand Industries’ campaign. Famed Chairman of Hindustan Latex, turning around the permanently losing PSU and transforming it into the leading condom and medical accessories manufacturer in Asia. Rajiv Gandhi’s Minister for universalizing Television in India. Champion of indigenization of Defence Production. Building up the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources with massive thrusts in Wind, Small Hydro and Solar Energy. Chairman of several National and International Chambers of Commerce and Industry connecting Indian entrepreneurs to about a hundred countries and helping promote investment flow into India. Widely recognized as a Developmental Leader.


On Family Planning, Urban Development, Fisheries, Industries and generally on socio, economic development issues. Author of several papers and articles on ‘New Model for Kerala’s Development’.

Dr. S. Krishna Kumar as our Patron will give personal leadership to all the activities of HRDS INDIA and is committed to take this NGO to great heights at State, National and International levels. His enthusiastic involvement will be a great asset and a game changer for the organisation.

The Light Of Guidance
President - HRDS INDIA's Spiritual Guiding Initiative - Guru ATMA NAMBI(Atmaji)

One could contend that one of the major hindrances in defining spirituality is its relationship with religion. This confusion is further compounded as to what is necessary for attaining absolute peace. Guru Atmaji's life is a guide to people on how to live an astoundingly simple and celebrated life despite inconveniences. He has a wide range of life experiences that led him to gather wisdom and contentment which is essential to a purposeful life. Since the age of 10, five teachers of various spiritual paths have rendered him with their benediction. Further, it is only the concurrent practice that strengthened his spiritual spine. In his own words,

“‘Om lokahsamastahsukhinobhavantu’ is the principle which all must uphold in order to make this world a better place to live and rejoice”.

Swamiji through his words of wisdom proposes that spiritual well-being results in the enhancement of one’s inner resources. Inner strength is also identified as a result of spiritual soundness. AtmaJi’s life has been dedicated to the deprived where he delivers his charitable works through remunerations of HRDS INDIA, a long-standing Non-profit Organization that sheds under his transcendent umbrella of love and care. In a pragmatic sense, he believes that the best way to mitigate the miserable lives of the impoverished is by first providing them with food and then with a mode to eke income for a sustainable livelihood.

Born on March 1955, Atma Nambi is an enlightened master in the guise of an ordinary mystic. At an incredibly young age, AtmaNambi or Guruji as widely known was introduced to his spiritual safari with the help of his graceful gurus. Several karmic, yogic, and obscure manifestations were propelled at his disposal which transformed him from mundane to a mightier man. Regular contemplation of the divine inside assembled all the cosmic energy at a focal façade of his mind, and subsequently, he received enlightenment. He considers this spiritual awakening as a blissful reward for humanity.

Right in childhood, he pooled himself with a superior consciousness in a splendidly beautiful Indian village. With an inner drive of diving deep into the self and spirituality, he decided to clear the paths for seekers and to lead the progeny into spirituality through meditation, yoga, and kriya. He has dedicated himself to being part of creating a new humanity. “All my spiritual expeditions ended with the experience I had on October 7, 1994, transforming me completely. It has changed my life completely,” claims Guruji.

Throughout his journey, he focused on providing help to everyone around him in guidance for inner peace and happiness and getting over one’s insecurities and fear. “I believe that the purpose of my life is to be a part of creating a conscious humanity and a healthy world for mankind to thrive,” said Guruji. People who have been in close contact with Guruji describe him as a multidimensional and casual master who can easily connect with people through his relaxed, outgoing, and humorous personality. Just to be in the presence of his inner silence, brings healing and connects you to your true nature.

Speaking about spiritual enlightenment, he explains that the description for enlightenment varies from person to person. For one it will be a powerful force pulling oneself towards the light for and for some it's an ignition sensed inside. However, it consists of an irreversible separation of the spiritual self, which is divine, from the mind.

According to Guruji, if one prepares the body and mind and creates an internal climate, the result will happen on its own. For this, the sadhana that is dear to one must be practiced. His healing is shared through energy wisdom practices and effective meditation techniques. He guides his followers dynamically to his/her natural state of consciousness. His techniques are powerful, simple, and easy to use from moment to moment in everyday life. The aim is for everyone to become master of his/her own Self and thereby bring out the inner peace and full potential that is within everyone.

A travel enthusiast, Guruji feels that learning is an integral part of life and it can never end. He is the founder of ‘Upanisha Ananda Mandir’ which is a spiritual and meditation centre run by enthusiastic seekers in Tamil Nadu, India. The Trust aims to spread the message of love, compassion and brotherhood, good health, prosperity, and meditation for all. ‘Upanisha’ has come from the root of Upanishads, meaning ‘the place where one sits near the truth’. By sitting near the truth in surrender one attains Ananda (divine bliss). Then the place becomes Mandir (temple).

Atma Ji guides us on how to live a happy and content life, sharing simple, practical, and powerful techniques for people of all ages and families, schools, industries, institutions, organizations, with a wide range of needs. For the past four years, people have been helped worldwide by Atma Nambi’s life wisdom and techniques as well as by his transformative and healing energy. When asked how to find one’s true passion or gift, he said that every individual born on this planet is unique. But sadly, with the societal pressure from family and friends, many are forced to follow the dictates of society that don't let them bloom. The path one must follow should come from within and those who are confused, mediate and introspect deeply to find an answer. Like clear water emerges when the water in a pool can settle down without any disturbance, meditation helps not only to experience God but also to make the right decisions in life.

Guruji has also participated in the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality, December 2012, held at Hyderabad, India. He also gave his support in requesting UNO for announcing June 21st as International Yoga Day. He was honoured with Baba Saheb National Award in the year 2016 for his contributions to society.

In recognition of his spiritual guidance and services throughout the world, he has been awarded by Global Achievers Foundation New Delhi in the year 2016. Atma Ji conducts Mass Awakenings across the globe for which he travels and connects to many countries to inculcate Spiritual harmony among the minds of people. He has devotees all over the world with Spiritual convention centers in Brazil and Chicago (US). He is presently associated as an Honorary Advisor with Peace Society Worldwide which is a Global Civil Organization for Universal Peace and Harmony. He conducts counselling sessions for the students to nurture their abilities. He creates a sense of service in every individual steering their way to help others for a better society removing the negative aspects of the society. He believes that spirituality can bring harmony and he propounds to make the world a Temple of Peace.

A traveller and nature lover to the core, Atma Nambi Ji believes that it is important to experience empathy with all life and be in tune with mother earth. On his visit to Rishikesh, years ago Guru Ji met Aji Krishnan, Founder Secretary of HRDS INDIA. Since then, Guru Ji has maintained a close association with HRDS INDIA and its noble activities.

Incorporating spirituality into the materialistic setting of human life requires sensitivity in many ways where hope, meaning, and belief systems are articulated not just through theories but with a practical experience.

Vice President – Joyce Dhanamani

Joyce Dhanamani, born in Nagercoil and raised in Bengaluru, is an alumna of Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Joyce is the first daughter of Bishop Francis Jackson and Smt. Sulochana settled in Bengaluru. Growing up, Joyce always admired her parents, who were devoted to helping the poor and uplifting the downtrodden, and she resolved to follow the footsteps of her parents. With a heart for women in distress, her philanthropic act of housing 15 abandoned women and teaching them a skill to self-sustain and live a dignified life led to setting up the “Talitha Cumi” Program (meaning in Aramaic - Young woman, Arise!), With a simple start from making tomato sauce, pickles, jams, and condiments.

The program evolved to teaching embroidery, pottery, candle making, tailoring, etc. Now, Talitha Cumi Program focuses on training the needy and deserving women in tailoring and digital literacy. Besides the regular six month's training, to ensure holistic development of the women, they are also taught about health and hygiene, how to manage their finances, personality grooming, good communication skills, and more importantly, moral values. These help them to become self-sufficient and confidently lead their families to a better future.Each woman is given a monthly stipend, a motivation to complete the course, and also help them take care of the commuting expenses.

Joyce’s motto has been “to teach people to fish” because when you give a person a fish, he/she can eat only for a day. But when you teach them to fish, they can eat for a lifetime. She has always worked with a deep sense of commitment seeing the bigger picture to create employment and opportunities for the less fortunate irrespective of caste, color, or creed. Despite many challenges, Joyce’s grit and determination have stood the test of time. And over the last 19 years, she has successfully set up projects in six Indian states - Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

Besides the regular training projects, the humanitarian wing of Talitha Cumi has always been there in times of crisis and natural calamities to provide yeoman services:
Hundreds of families in the Tsunami hit villages of Kottilpadu in Kanyakumari, and Kallar in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu were reached with humanitarian aid and rehabilitation.
Dry ration kits, cots, mattresses, clothing, water filter, etc., were supplied to the flood-affected villagers in the Idukki district during the 2018 Kerala floods.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, 265 families were supplied with groceries to last for weeks.

In 2007, with the local BJP Government support, Joyce Dhanamani set up a tailoring training Center in the Chikkabalapur District of Karnataka. The BJP government also provided a matching grant for the women’s stipend that propelled their income from a mere Rs.240/- per month, which they earned from stringing the flowers to receiving Rs.1, 500/- a month as stipend. The turnout of the women was so overwhelming; two training shifts were organized to accommodate all the women. In a short span of 9 months, 400 women were trained in tailoring, all of whom tasted success through an increased income with the newly learned skill.
As of Dec’2020, more than 2050 women have been beneficiaries of the Talitha Cumi Program, who have successfully learned a life-skill and have become earning and contributing members to their families.

With a rare mix of confidence, humility, and warmth Joyce, carries herself with poise in donning many roles:
She is the Co-Founder of United International School in Bengaluru
Associate Pastor at Mount Zion International Church, Bengaluru
Honored as the Ambassador and Advisor of the Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People
Founder and Director of Wonderful Ventures Pte. Ltd. Singapore and India

On the personal front, Joyce is married to J P Kirubagaran, Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit. They both are blessed with two handsome boys - Joshua, a budding young entrepreneur, and Joab, a musical prodigy. A new addition to their family and a bundle of great joy is baby Joan, who they recently adopted as their daughter. Joyce loves to devote quality time to her family and is also an avid reader.

Joyce certainly is a beacon of hope for thousands of women across India whose lives have been transformed and empowered; and, each one of them has a story of triumph over fate.

She is a part of the HRDS INDIA family as the Vice President. A strong pillar and a great support for the vision and mission of HRDS INDIA. Her experience, motivation, and involvement in the organization will take HRDS to greater heights.

Founder - Secretary - Aji Krishnan

To know and explore the real India one has to linger around the street lanes of remote villages in India since that’s the place where one can readily find the real and bare faces of India.Aji Krishnan, fortunate enough to be born in one such village of Kerala. It is the key reason as to why he meticulously identifies the environmental impediments, from generations their family were into pastoral and agro based occupations. His father, Sri C.K. Krishnan was a planter and a frontier in bringing up group farming in the high ranges of Kerala and mother, Smt. V.K. Omana was a prolific and devoted teacher.

His parents influenced him largely, if he has attained the disposition of being a philanthropist today; it is because of his father who played a significant role in bringing poor farmers together and forms the group to do group cultivation, which helped the farmers intensely. Since his parents kept accommodated and he is the eldest at home from the nascent young age, he had to become the mentor for both his sibling and advocate to resolve any crisis. These obligations naturally made him a matured and helpful person that he is today. He was an active participant in the co-curricular activities in his school. During his University graduation, he was a state committee member of the Left Wing student group. He additionally conducted many educational reformation strikes. He was arrested by police and was put behind the bars. Further, he went through tormenting polite harassment as well. He was an enterprising and vibrant member of the cultural club in school and showed his keen interest in the rest of the academic and non-academic pursuits. Apart from these plenty of undertakings it is his motivation, strategy and action that chalk out the characteristic traits of his fearless career.

Recapitulating the past, like any other young layman Aji Krishnan started his college days with a bucket of sky-high dreams, all good and bad encounters of his school life and experiences he then procured at pre-degree college made him ponder about our education system. The observation that illiteracy and destitution are flip sides of the same coin disturbed him, he wished to bring a change in the whole system and he started to think like a revolutionist, it was this passion that brought him into the Frontline of students’ politics. He was passionately interested and successfully participated in the university level election and represented the college, at that time he took leadership for many revolutionary strikes for the innovative educational reformations in Kerala for which he was not only put behind the bars but also had to go through a daunting police distress. He represented the oppressed and closed section of student segment and led forward from the front fighting for justice. Since he grew up in a village, the beauty and admiration for the nature had inspired the artist in him. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Arts, simultaneously his interest developed in sculpture making and freehand painting. In fact, he wanted to shape and design the future of humankind. He graduated from Govt. R L V College of Fine Arts, Trippunithura, specialized in sculpture making. Later he became an active member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). When cultural and intellectual degradation began in the party, the leaders of the party away from the common people due to their trading policies, soon after the sad demise of the great leader EMS, his mind, thoughts were wounded, and hence he left the party in 1995.

After completion of his graduation, Aji Krishnan had to choose between joining his family farming and plantation business or pursue his own dream; he started his career working as a sub editor of the magazine “EKOPANAM” which was published in Kerala. As part of the job he had to travel all over India during this journey he saw the actual India the poor and underprivileged, this left a big mark on his mind and he decided to uplift them from their pathetic plight of brutal realities.

Fostering Humanism through HRDS INDIA

HRDS INDIA has implemented various projects for the development of Poor, Women Empowerment, Tribal Development and Child Help projects. HRDS INDIA had successfully developed more than 3500 Self Help groups, each consisting of five people and gave them training and monetary aid for doing various types of farming. Another project of HRDS INDIA, “Micro credit initiative HRDS INDIA and Gramin bank of Bangladesh” financing program was successfully implemented with Aid from Nobel prize winner Dr. MohmmedYounis funds, which helped to create an income source for many families from the state Tamilnadu and Kerala. Under Women Empowerment project developed by HRDS INDIA more than 540 women were given skill development training and helped them to get placement in various SSI units in South India. For the school going children HRDS INDIA provides kits consisting of a pair of uniform, footwear, umbrellas and some books. As the Secretary of HRDS INDIA it is the sheer dedication and determination of Aji Krishnan the reason behind the successful implementation of all this program and the success of HRDS INDIA.

HRDS INDIA is a registered Non-Governmental Organization founded and endowed by Founder Secretary Aji Krishnan and President Dr. S. Krishnakumar IAS (Retd), Former Union Minister. The organization diligently works for the development of the Rural and Tribal people and takes development programs to interior and physically inaccessible areas of the country. HRDS INDIA had been formed in the year 1997to pursue wider social aims, through strengthening of the downtrodden and weaker sections of society. It is a committed organization with core normative values, which has extensive roots in the rural & high range territories of Kerala and is resolutely devoted in constructing houses for the indigenous native people. It is also actively involved in “DDUGKY”-A Skill development program whereby the objective is to develop a workforce empowered with the necessary and continuously upgraded skills, knowledge and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure competitiveness in the dynamic global market.HRDS INDIA successfully identifies the needs of livelihood and understands the philosophy governing the concept of oppressed as well as segregated groups. They strive towards propagandizing activities to relieve suffering and promote the interest of the poor as their immediate concerns are being readily addressed.

One such initiative took up by HRDS INDIA is “Ekagrah”- A Scholarship Program that facilitates financial aid for higher education and consists of both need- and merit-based aid, in forms such as grants, loans, tuition remission, and private or institutional scholarships.Therefore, pecuniary variables, particularly NGO funded scholarships, plays an increasingly large role in attempts to support student success in higher education.Also there are varied functions in accordance with the programmes they undertake i.e. they provide essential basic services like housing roads, school education and primary health care services into the habitations of the marginalized people in distant remote areas.Principles of altruism and volunteerism remain key defining features of HRDS INDIA. Therefore, it makes an honest endeavor to empower the marginalized, so that they can stand on their own feet with self-reliance and depend less on charity and concessions, protecting them from the exploitative clutches of the society. Their conventional volunteerism is aimed primarily at charitable works, ushering in social reforms by providing relief and rehabilitation for the people who became victims of natural calamities like draught, flood, cyclones etc.

Another enterprising and visionary project, “Karshaka” under which there would be a large cultivation of cost effective medicinal plants as these are more affordable than conventional medicines and also is easier to obtain than prescription based medicine. The project brings awareness to the benefits of medicinal plants that has taken a backseat in the present times. How natural healing stabilizes hormones and metabolism, giving strength in the immune system with lesser side effects. HRDS INDIA simultaneously supports Niramaya Traditional Indian Medicine Research for important information about disease trends and risk factors of non-natural medicines, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, functional abilities, patterns of health care and use.In addition to this, it runs effective projects in service deficient tribal areas and addresses the tribal problems and issues more consistently and adequately. It further provides them with requisite amenities for the noble and respectable living and imparts skill development training to the youth dwelling there.

Its efforts are directed at rehabilitating total human development and bringing a social change through awareness as well as forming local level organizations to ensure social justice and self-reliance. A very apt mode to explicate this self-reliance and social justice through empowering disempowered women in India. This productive idea is taken forward by HRDS INDIA through “Jwalamukhi”-A women empowerment project for progression of women under pressed circumstances. Hence, it is an attempt to analyze the status of women empowerment in India using various indicators like women’s financial autonomy, freedom of movement, political participation, acceptance of unequal gender role, exposure to media, access to education, experience of domestic violence, etc. The NGO is well versed in community motivation and social mobilization, thus they are increasingly delving into philanthropic programs of the government.

One of its main projects is “Sadhgraha” a Tribal housing project for three lakh houses all across India, particularly in the states like Assam, Jharkhand, Tripura, Odisha, Gujarat and Kerala wherein they facilitate free boarding and lodging to tribal children for higher education and ensures the promotion of participatory character of the highly backward and deprived children by organizing them into better social collectives. The ongoing execution of the same in Palakkad and Wayanad exhibits the project’s headway in leading it to wider horizons. It would soon cover the regions of Trivandrum and Idukki to drag the tribes of this area into the mainstream.

Joint Secretary - V Yugamoorthy

Multitasker is an appropriate word to define Mr.V Yugamoorthy's character, who is born in a family hailed as one of the famous cotton traders in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Ever since his childhood, Mr. Yugamoorthy has worked closely with workers, tribes and underprivileged groups of the society observing their lives and hardships and has always stood by them at the time of diversity.

Presently, he is designated at various leading roles in numerous prestigious Organizations which includes the Founder Chairman of All India Organic Farmers Federation and Ayushman Bhava Social Welfare trust, Namo Gange. Apart from it, he is also the Vice President of South Indian horizon of Confederation of Community based Organizations in India.

He is also the National Vice President of National Fisher Folks Forum, National Advisory Board Member of All India Folks and Tribal Arts Parishad, Tamil Nadu State President of Acme IndiaMicrosys Private Limited, Operations Director of NextGen Skill Developers Private Limited and Managing Director of Golden Tree Developers Private Limited. He is also an active member of the Executionary Board of Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojan and Krishi Vikas Kendra.

Chairman –Policy Formulation Committee - K.G.Venugopal

K.G. Venugopal was born and brought up in Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram. After completing the school studies Venugopal alias KG came to Thiruvananthapuram for his college studies. He did his Pre Degree and BA (Sanskrit) in Samskrutha College, Thiruvananthapuram. During the early days of college education, KG got in touch with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and turned an active Swayamsevak. However, he could take both Sangh work and studies together. And, he came out with flying colors in both fields.

During those days he got several occasions to meet late Eknath Ranade, the veteran RSS leader and the tallest figure behind the magnificent Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari. At that time late senior Sangh Pracharak V.P. Janardhanan was his guide and philosopher. These links inculcated in his thought process the idea of leading the dedicated life as a Sangh Pracharak. Naturally, he came out as a Sangth Pracharak in 1972 as soon as he completed his BA.

He started his Pracharak career in 1972 in Muvattupuzha Thaluk; he shouldered direct Sangh work. After hardly a year he was assigned to the Kerala unit of ABVP, he took over as the state organizing Secretary of the Nationalist Student Movement. He carried out that demanding job for 13 years, including the black period of the country’s history, Emergency declared by the fascist regime of Smt. Gandhi. KG was arrested, along with three other Pracharaks, on June 29, 1975, at Madhava Nivas, the state Karyalaya of Kerala RSS. It was the first ‘Emergency arrest’ in the state. Fake cases were registered against them. Since it was the era of ‘committed judicial’, justice and judicial impartiality were mere wishful thoughts. They were jailed for several weeks together. Later on they were released since they had undergone the jail terms fit for the alleged allegations leveled against them by the police.

ABVP achieved wonderful gains under the able leadership of KG with student units in majority of the colleges in the state. His underground activities during Emergency were eventful. He travelled throughout the state and organized students against the Emergency. Most of them participated in the nationwide Satyagraha (November 14, 1975 to January 14, 1976). The same time he was assigned to make visits to different parts of the country carrying different missions assigned by the Kerala state RSS leadership. Despite being the ABVP State Organizing Secretary, he shouldered various, crucial missions as per the decisions of the RSS leadership. The present day national leaders of BJP and several ministers in the union government were KG’s ABVP colleagues post Emergency. Our beloved Hon’ble PM Modiji, Hon’ble Vice President Sri. M. Venkaiah Naiduji, late Arun Jaitleji, were some of them. The love, affection and guidance of State and National leaders of RSS were the most powerful assets KG could avail and enjoy during those Days.

In Kerala, ABVP could develop a dynamic and charismatic team of college students during that period. It comprised of P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, V. Muraleedharan, Adv. C.K. Sajinarayanan, presently Missoram Governor, Union Minister and BMS National President respectively and several others. During the last three years of Pracharakship, KG worked as the District Pracharak of RSS in Thiruvananthapuram and later as the state Organizing Secretary of VanVasi Kalyanashramam. After a long innings of 15 years blessed Pracharak life, KG went to family life. And, he worked as Area Manager and Marketing Manager for couple of nation-level companies. Then KG associated with Sree Ramakrishna Sevashramam, Ernakulam, for 20 years. He took up various responsibilities there, including that of the General Secretary. The team established a well-known and reputed Old Age Home (Vanaprastha).They also organize various youth and student programmes successfully. Those days KG had organized notable events and various sociocultural and spiritual programs in various parts of the state.

KG initiated Rural Development Programmes, adopted villages for the total uplift, including health and shelter. KG’s team developed a team to help and guide financially backward and talented students; it is to give them financial support for their education including higher/and professional studies. The team continued it successfully and the beneficiaries lead a satisfactory life today. In this regard hundreds of families are indebted to KG for his yeoman service. On top of this KG is always on run to solve several issues of his organizational colleagues, friends and even their friends.

Hundreds of families depend on him for solving even their family issues. His notable feature is the presence of his mind and the patience he entrusts in undertaking every activity. Even the nearest and dearest of KG is incognizant about the fact that the Kochi Antharashtra Pusthakotsavam (International Book Festival) is his brain child. Even after 23 years of its inception, its office bearers still seek KG’s advices and guidance for its smooth running. Hardly any spiritual program takes place in the state, whichever Mat conducts it, seeks KG’s active presence and guidance.

KG believes that his source of inspiration and energy is none other than Swarg Bhaskar Raoji, the patriarch who molded the organization of RSS and thousands of workers in Kerala. His very reminiscences give the perennial flow of light and heat to several generations. Therefore, KG holds the position of General Secretary of the Bhaskar Rao Smaraka Samiti headquartered in Ernakulam.

KG has travelled to almost all states in the country. He still continues it. His love, brotherly affection and round-the-clock accessibility are unique compared to the contemporary social workers. Throughout his journey he was looking for an NGO which can take his ideology to the next level. He has joined HRDS INDIA as Chairman of Policy Formulation Committee

Chairman - Environmental Protection & Development – Advisory Board – Bindu Bhushan Dubey

Mr. Dubey is a global campaigner for healthy planet. He is the National President of “UDGOSH BHARAT” an Organisation for environmental protection and development. Mr. Dubey is working with Five J’s like Jeeva, Jagat, Jal, Jameen and Jangal. He believes at this stage if we will not protect the environment, we won’t be able to get 100% oxygen. Since the beginning to 2020, the whole 80 Million people of the world are facing oxygen problem due to Covid-19. Mr. Dubey has a dream that every citizen of Mother Earth should have a Tree Bank. Every child should plant a Banyan Tree (People Tree) and strive to protect it and grow it as a Tree Bank. Every citizen should inspire others to do the same. His go-to motto is “Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Swasth Bharat (Healthy India) Samriddh Bharat (Green and Prosperous India) Samarth Bharat (Competent India).”

In addition, he is a widely acclaimed spiritual researcher known for his healing capacities with regard to the psychological development of an individual. He has led many eco-friendly missions in taking the country on the path of self-reliance with home-adaptable strategies. His approaches reinforce the expansion of frugal indigenous solutions in the preservation of and maintenance of cleaner Ganga.

Mr. Bindu Bhushan Dubey hails from Ranchi, the capital city of the state of Jharkhand. He has an unmatchable rank in the service committed to mother nature. His objective is to organize the 5th Mahakumbha (Pancham Mahakumbha) on the bank of the holy river “Ganga” at the campus of ancient Vikramshila University, Bhagalpur, Bihar. The rally would seek promotion and propagation of agendas against global warming and climate change before the representative of more than 200 countries across the globe. His vision is to organize the Mahakumbha on a periodical basis for such a benevolent mission to save the world. Further to his nobility, he also works as a National Campaigner of Clean India Mission launched by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. His dedication and devotion for the said mission have won myriad accolades and have been appreciated nationwide at various forums and by several personals of eminence.

Mr. Dubey is a keynote motivational speaker and has conducted more than 700 workshops pan-India and in neighbouring countries like Nepal and in the European Union (United Kingdom) on different motifs such as global warming, environment conservation, and cleanliness. He conducted a field program for Clean India and Clean Ganga mission: environment protection and development: plantation and plant protection. Mr. Dubey always insists on inner cleanliness which is naturally reflected on the outside. He is specifically keen on working the combinations identifiably based on India’s core competence, natural resources, and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of sanitation and sterility, realizing the Vision of Developed India.

He has addressed a massive number of students in disparate schools, colleges, and Universities in the last six years. His discourses usually cover ever-concerning issues, for instance, protection and conservation of the environment, and cleanliness. He has successfully conveyed his notion of conservancy amongst students through his tireless endeavours. His persuasiveness led many students to join the Mission and revamp it into a Global Mission. Mr. Dubey proudly quotes, “A Mission of the citizen of earth, by the citizen of earth and for the citizen of the earth”.

To procure his panoramic dream, Mr. Dubey has started his nature conservation campaign at a global level commencing from London, United Kingdom. The program is set to reach the maximum number of European and Middle Eastern countries including the United States of America. His 10-days visit to London was a summoning call to disseminate his ideologies via several conferences and seminars where he was invited to address matters pertaining to the conservation and protection of the environment and cleanliness. Mr. Dubey guided the “Save Mother Earth” program. He was also invited as a Guest of Honour along with Miss. Mariam Islamdast Mayor of Camdyn, London by an organization, ‘Inspiring Women of India’ to share his propositions on the issue of ‘Stop Domestic Violence against Women.’ In lieu of the quoted strategies, Mr. Dubey went on to discuss the same with Shri Anil Aggarwal, Chairman of Vedanta group with regards to climate change and global warming. Some of the eminent personalities, to name a few including chairman of Vedanta Group, Chairman of ‘All Ladies League England’, Miss. Krishna Pujara witnessed the programme. He also shared his experience with Mr. Shaunaka Rishi Das, Director of ‘The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies’ on the pressing subject of “Clean Ganga Mission” and climate change.

Gramalaya is one of the renowned non-governmental organizations in the field of water sanitation and hygiene working since 1987 bestowed upon by Shri Bindu Bhushan Dubey. He received the award for the “Unsung Hero” and was honoured with the noble rank of Brand Ambassador for the organization. Recently he visited Nepal where he met the current Prime minister in tenure including ex-prime ministers and other leaders for actively participating in the global summit of nature conservation. He bagged a great acknowledgment from the Nepalese audience and was invited to spread awareness among people.

At present, the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in every sphere of life amidst the Covid -19 crisis. Mr. Dubey realizing the gravity of the contagious calamity, initiated ‘Srishti Raksha Channel’ to give impetus to his Global Movement. Through this new initiative, he intends to ensure that he brings about global awareness. Mr. Dubey has by far delivered hundreds of lectures on topics of immediate concern to overcome this catastrophe. He meticulously highlights the fivefold concern necessary for the survival of a living being i.e., wild-live, world, water, wood (forest), and wasteland (Jeeva, Jagat, Jal, Jangal, and Jameen). These are essentially known as five “W” in English or the five “J” and Hindi. He not only encouraged and guided people to bring such imperative changes in their lifestyle but also managed to create a chain of well acquainted and responsible citizens. He envisaged that this crisis can be curbed only through common labour. If each one of us adopts the four-dimensional approach of “Discipline, Dedication, Determination, and Devotion”, we can defeat Corona hands down. Presently, Mr. Dubey is serving as Chairman for Environmental Protection and Development, Advisory Board for HRDS INDIA.

Vice Chairperson -  Environmental Protection & Development – Advisory Board –  Harshada Pethe

She is born and raised in Pune, Maharashtra and has always been fascinated by the natural world. She pursued graduation in Zoology. At the same time, she studied a diploma course, Sustainable Management of Natural Resources & Nature Conservation (with the Ecological Society of Pune) and did an yearlong internship. Here she studied the relationship and implications of economic policies on the environment. She participated in projects focusing on ecological interventions on Watershed development, sacred groves of Northern Western Ghats. Later she studied a Master degree in Environmental Management from the prestigious University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.It was to understand a global perspective on sustainable development, inclusive development, natural resource management, among others.

MsHarshada worked as a Naturalist at Barefoot on Havelock Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was an opportunity to showcase the amazing tropical marine life the islands offer and the paradisiacal tropical rainforest on the land. In addition, she had an opportunity to explain to top businessmen and women of the country and the world, and decision-makers why protecting the ecosystems is crucial for our existence and well-being.

Next, she worked with the most successful wildlife conservation program in the country, the Edible Nest Swiftlet conservation program. Again, it was an enriching experience, a balancing act between all the stakeholders involved and the welfare of the bird species and local people.

Her main interests are biodiversity conservation and environmental quality mitigation through monitoring, research, awareness and education. Her interest further lies in the betterment of the living environment for local people through research and restoration of ecosystem services. Making people aware of their biological value is an essential component of her work.

In 2012, she received the prestigious ‘Women Scientist Award’ from the Government of India for proposed research in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

With HRDS, she is keen on enhancing environmental outcomes for the target communities through thorough research and environmental awareness. Furthermore, she wishes to contribute to making the lives of tribal communities environmentally richer and more fulfilled.

Chairman – External Affairs, Prabhakar Komaravolu

A Highly talented, well experienced, widely travelled and multi faceted personality Mr. Prabhakar Komaravolu who is a native of Secunderabad, is equipped with divergent experiences in numerous fields.

Currently, Mr.Prabhakar is Director & Board Member of Madison Moore Capital Corporation USA. He sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution. He holds a strong track record of driving leadership roles in Public policy, Public and Private sector operations and Management.

Prabhakar is a multi faceted professional having wide experiences in the positions like Business Development, Top Management, Operations and Finance; handling of financial disclosures; legal documentation and disbursement to the borrowers & investors. Along with that he has held important positions engaging in important and prominent positions. Mr.Prabhakar serves as Independent Director (Appointee of Ministry of Food & Public Distribution- Government of India) in Chhattisgarh State Warehousing Corporation (CGSWC) and as Member - Governing Council, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. (

He holds Masters in Business Administration in Financial Management and Masters in Commerce from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and ICWA from Institute of Cost and Works Accounts of India.

Over 30 plus years of career, he explored himself in various fields which will be very much beneficial to our organization. He is very much active and all rounder in enormous areas with great devotion towards the growth and upliftment of the sector. Now, he is a part of HRDS INDIA and the organization looks to benefit from his experience and expertise.

Chairman - Corporate Affairs- Advisory Board- S. Govindaraj

An assiduous businessman as well as a former government servant who worked under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India as the Chairman of Tamil Nadu NBSS/ PFI. In addition, he was the state president of Gujarat based political party, YJP (Yuvajanagruthi Party), and, the General Secretary of PATALI MAKKAL KATCHI (PMK), Tamil Nadu. Now, to cast light on the business that he was involved in includes Entertainment Industry, namely, Fast Movies India Pvt. Ltd and John Entertainment, under which Movie Productions and Distributions have been executed or carried off, with regard to Indian Movies being premiere Overseas/ Intercontinental. Documentary films/ docudrama in addition has been produced under the above-mentioned banners. The movies produced under these banners comprised of significant actors/ performers with an admirable box office crossing.

Professional Career:
His core expertise in business and having a full hand experience and his humble beginnings with various proprietorship concerns in Chennai had led him to enhance and hold positions in some reputed companies situated in United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia. He has been an active traveller overseas due to the multifaceted, and diverse exposure in the field of business and development equipped with divergent experience in numerous fields of project management and investment service. He capitulates that he has extensively travelled to more than 50 countries approximately, nurturing strong entrepreneurship quality, by setting and evolving the strategic directions of the businesses and holding positions. Possessing a fortuitous accomplishment with acquainted and proficient amalgamation of businesses and his fondness for business, entering the entire business operation with focus on top profitability. Alongside his affiliation with diverse intercontinental companies, subsequently he enlarged his fundraising acquaintance and association by rendering fund schemes to divergent NGO’s. He holds explicit forthright and solid tie-in with eminent and acclaimed intercontinental companies, making optimal utilization of the sources and funds by stretching full aid and abet to the deprived individuals. Due to his high-spirited personality and cordial, benevolent alliance with the intercontinental companies, fund raising schemes conduct and proceedings have been over with effortlessly and exclusively. Likewise, his extensive fellowship, cordialness, shear dedication –to-duty and his intent with regard to serving the people and society has fascinated these companies in propping him by rendering and contributed the funds. He is the glue between the intercontinental companies and the NGO’s undertaking relating to endowments and donations with he being their credible/reliable source. Some of the countries with whom he is in kinship/conjunction with regard to fund raising schemes.

Consequently, in the year 2010, he led up an initiative in the US with the object and motive of propping and backing the floundering Indians in the US, the company namely, Liability Management and Investment Service (USA), and has covered states including New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Cincinnati, and Florence city. Formerly, he was also an avid social servant, and thereby nurturing his sense of social synergy and social service, namely SBI Rural Development (ANDHRA PRADESH), IDBI Rural Development (ANDHRA PRADESH), Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board (SUPERINDENT), Jiffy Management Pvt Ltd (Rural Development and Industrial Rehabilitation).

Social Mission
Owing to the fact with regard to his preceding involvement, acquaintance and association, with the NGO SECTORS appertaining to project capital ventures and out sourcing of investments. Category of fund-raising schemes in which he acquires relatedness, mastery, observation, and expertise which includes; Project Fund raising (NGO), One dollar fund raising scheme, Refundable fund-raising scheme, Non-refundable fund-raising scheme, and Government fund raising scheme (India and other countries).

Chairman - Organizational Operations – Advisory Board - Reghu Kumar Menon

Reghu Kumar Menon, born and bought up as the native of Palakkad is the eldest son of Mr. A R Menon and Mrs. Rugmini Menon. His father was an Assistant Manager at a plantation and mother was a homemaker. Being born in a joint family, Reghu fostered to four sisters.

Both his parents were in Malaysia while he completed his graduation in BA English from NSS College Ottapalam, Palakkad in the year 1975. After leading almost 5 decades of their lives abroad, they came down to their Birthplace, Kerala. In the year 1977, he kick started his career as a Marketing Assistant with M/s Vinar Enterprises, Calcutta. After spending 3 years in their team, he finally returned home owing to his father’s demise so that he can take up his responsibilities. He has an extensive experience in the Marketing field. He even worked in various prestigious companies in Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia in their Marketing wing for almost 8 years.

In the Year 1992, Reghu Kumar Menon joined one of the world’s leading Beverages Corporation, The Coca-Cola in Saudi Arabia, working from its very own inception. He was the part of the most astounding journey of the firm, watching its growth from a small enterprise to a multinational firm leading a career for 24 years. He worked in their various departments like Administration, Production and Quality and at the end of his long service in 2017, he returned to his motherland.

After spending 3 years of retirement, he happened to meet the Founder – secretary of HRDS INDIA and came to know about the works undertaken by HRDS INDIA. He was moved with the aims upheld and decided to join t

Vice-Chairman - Organizational Operations - Advisory Board - P.Mani

Mani was born in Kallepati village in Coimbatore, he is the third child of his parents, and his father was a planter and his mother a homemaker. At a very young age Mani moved to Coimbatore to venture into different business he started with scrap business with shear dedication and hard work he became the main and one of the biggest scrap dealer of Coimbatore.

After seeing success in the scrap business he ventured into real-estate business, his commitment and determination to do the best in whatever business he does has made his organization one of the most trusted real estate developers not only in Coimbatore but also in the state of Tamilnadu, doing various projects of Villas, Apartments, and commercial buildings and complex. Mani is a visionary, always looking out for space to do good for the underprivileged of our society, he associated with HRDS INDIA from the initial days and was part of all the decisions and ideas that took HRDS to this heights. He got married to Smt. Rajamani in the year 1982 they are blessed with two sons Prakash his eldest son and Gunasekar the younger one, Smt. Meena and Smt. Suganiya are his two daughter- in-laws, apart from helping their father in their family business they have set up their own Garment manufacturing and exporting units in Coimbatore, doing international business with various European countries exporting garments. Today he is a proud grandfather of baby Aradhana and Malar.

Chairman – Renewable Energy, Agriculture & Farmer Welfare – Advisory Board – Akhilesh Shukla

A dynamic, vibrant and multifaceted Bachelor of Electronics with a keen interest in Social Work and Politics.

Mr. Akhilesh believe that every human being has some responsibility towards the society and the wonderful world we live in. Serving the country and patriotism is an inheritance which flows in his blood as Mr. Akhilesh’s father served the Indian Air Force as an Officer.

Since the year 1991 adopted villages housing over 3000 families with main focus on "Mother & Child" distributing Milk Powder, Sugar, School Uniforms, Medicines and also implementing literacy program in these area. Have distributed thousands of blankets to schools every year. Have been organizing frequently "Blood Donations Camps" with Red Cross in Various districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Provided Boats, Food Grains and Medicines to flood affected areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Led a team of 100 boys from Gorakhpur, Bangalore, Punjab and Delhi University to the earthquake affected areas of Latur and Killari (Maharastra) for distribution of Medicines, Food and also helped build temporary houses for a period of six months. Organized Mass Marriages in many parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

An astute business person and have been instrumental in forming companies and being on board of a few companies namely:
1) Globus Ecotronics
2) Globus Natural Resources LLP
3) Vegitale FPC
4) New Samriddhi Organic Producer Company Ltd.
5) Windstream Technologies Economical Energy

Presently, Mr. Akhilesh Shukla is the Chairman – Advisory Board of Non – Conventional Energy in HRDS INDIA.

Vice Chairperson – Renewable Energy, Agriculture & Farmer Welfare – Advisory Board – Kavitta Darney

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Completed the Bachelors in Commerce, subsequently did my Masters in Business Administration. An MBA from the University of Mumbai.

An Experience professional in the field of Management, Marketing, Planning and Business implementation. Started the career as an Assistant Manager for Sales & Marketing for Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. Later on entered the world of Pharmaceuticals as the Head of Business Development at Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd handling the Asian market (India, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Pakistan). Launched my start-up at and ventured into the world of Fashion with a cause.

The only thought that gave rise to the start-up was that fashion can be environment friendly and skin friendly. This gave rise to FOXXY that made clothes only with Plant based fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Pineapple. The idea was to reduce the carbon footprint of every fashion-conscious person by introducing her to the idea of Organic Clothes. With over 14 years of experience behind me, I have begun a new journey in the arena of Agriculture and Renewable energy. The Idea is always to have sustainable options for the mother earth and I have now treading on that path.

I have always believed in ‘Vidya Dhanam Sarve Dhanam Pradhanam’. Taking this thought I began teaching children at a young age of 19. I have taught children with special needs and learning disabilities at a school in Mumbai. Also had the privilege to educate a few street children with an NGO. I have also been actively involved in teaching computers to children at an orphanage in Mumbai.

Besides this I am an avid traveller, with a love to explore local cuisines and interact with locals to know their culture and geography. I love dancing and take keen interest in learning newer dance styles.

Presently, Ms. Kavitta Darney is the Vice Chairperson – Advisory Board of Renewable Energy, Agriculture & Farmer Welfare in HRDS INDIA.

Chairman - Planning and Commissioning Board - Dr. G S Gireesh Kumar

Dr G S Gireesh Kumar is currently working as Associate Professor and Research Guide, Research Department of Commerce, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha. He passed with Distinction and First Rank from Mahatma Gandhi university, Kottayam and M.Phil with 'A' Grade and Ph.D from University of Kerala. He also holds MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management. He passed NET with JRF of University Grants commission in 1994.

He has authored text books on various subjects like Business Environment, computer Awareness and Applications, Value Added Tax, Business Communication and MIS, India and Global Financial Crisis etc. He produced SIX (3 awarded and 3 presented) PhDs and 13 M.Phil under his supervision and guidance. Presented papers in more than 45 national and international conferences and published more than 68 papers in national and International journals of repute including Global Business Review, Decision (IIM C), International Journal of Management research, International Journal of Commerce, Business and researcher, Management Accountant, Indian Commerce Bulletin, Professional Banker, Journal of Bank management, Insurance Chronicle, Southern Economist, Management Review etc.

He has been associated in varying capacities as Examiner, Chairman of Board of Examiners, Question Paper Setter, Question Paper Scrutiny Board Member, Research Guide, PhD Adjudicator, Academic Councilor, Visiting faculty, Resource person, consultant etc with a number of Universities/Institutions like Mahatma Gandhi university, Madurai Kamaraj university, Kerala university, Bharathiar university, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Public Service Commission, Christ University, ICSI, ICFAI, IGNOU etc.

He is the State General Secretary to Commerce Association of Kerala and State Executive Committee member of the Kerala Chapter of the Indian Accounting Association. Besides, he is Member of the AII India Management Association, Kerala Management Association, and Microfinance Research Foundation etc. He has completed a project from UGC on "Impact of SHG Bank Linkage Programme on Empowerment of Rural Poor in Kerala". He also got a Minor Research Project from UGC in 2014 as Co-investigator on "Corporate Governance and Finnacial performance - Atudy of selected companies in BSE". He is the chief Editor/Editorial Committee Member of ISSN Numbered research journals including Science and Society, Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Indian Commerce Bulletin, Journal of Social Welfare and Management, vision, Research Scholar, Business Orient, African Journal of Business and Management, APC International Journal etc.

He is the recipient of Bishop Vayalil Memorial award for Excellence and Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Award for University topper. He won Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award and Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Medal from Global Economic Progress and Research Association. He has presented a large number of research papers in national and international seminars/conferences abroad. He bagged Best Paper Award in National conference on Innovations in Banking at Coimbatore, International Conference at Phuket, Thailand, International conference at Goa, Intemational conference at Jaipur etc. He chaired sessions in the international conference in Thailand, World Finance Conference at Beijing, china, International conference at Goa and many national and state level conferences. Countries visited and Research Papers Presented/Chaired sessions: Other than International Conferences in India, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore and United States.

Chairman- Middle East - Advisory Board – Fazil M T

It's very true that, what matters is that you start!
Start putting yourself out there, continually learning and always showing up. And one finest example is Mr. Fazil M T, who started his career as a Public Relation Officer in a firm Al Maitha International trading in the year 2007 in Dubai, UAE. In 2010, his hard work and interpersonal skills opened a new door into Weatherford Oil Tools LLC, one of the leading US based company in UAE, with a capacity of managing public relation, and at the same time he supported company’s legal team in various ways.

He concentrated on all the skills that he had and exerted oneself to make a success out of what he does. His multifaceted ability and experiences from global ventures made him subsume his own consultancy firm for recruitment and made secured government relationship.

It mainly focuses on manpower recruitment to Kuwait, Qatar and UAE, and renders consultancy services for private and public joints in Kerala State. His higher knowledge in public relationships and expertise in strategizing business goals made his work distinct and exceptional, and has made a new benchmark for his competitors.

Mr. Fazil has completed Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance from the University of Calicut. He is married to Ms. Anu Madathil, a Chartered Accountant, based in Qatar.

There are people who dedicate their lives to support and to be a comfort others. It's a very common attitude of all to forget about one's native land once you fly to another country in search of a good living. But there are only a few people who really think and care about the place which helped them to grow indestructibly. And he is one among them. He never left his homeland in the lurch. When his hard work and competence made him affluent in the middle east, his prime concern was his country, as he co-founded of "souhridham", a social and welfare organization based in Dubai, UAE with more than 500 permanent members whose major focal point is on conducting social welfare activities for the people in Coastal areas of Thrissur district, Kerala. He is serving second term as chief coordinator of the organization. It's equally important to try and inspire others to do great things as he does. In the hope of coming across more people like him, HRDS INDIA state our admiration for people like Mr. Fazil.

Chairman Sri Lankan Affairs - K.C.Jayarajan

K.C.Jayarajan was born in the year 1951, in Mahe, (U.T) Pondicherry State and he is the third son of his parents (Late) Shri.K.P.Kunhikoran and Smt.C.K.Devootty, his father was a Freedom Fighter and very much involved in Mahatma Gandhi’s social movement. He is the grandson of (Late) Shri.I.K.Kumaran, a veteran Freedom Fighter known as Mahe Gandhi. He did his school in his native place, after completing Secretariat Training Course he moved to Delhi and taken a Secretariat Job in the Ministry of Defence. He did his graduation (B.A) in Mahatma Gandhi University.

1980-1984 Worked as First Personal Assistant to the Minister Of Communication /Minister of Shipping & Transport.

1985-1990 Worked as Assistant Private Secretary Of Minister of State for Planning / External Affairs / Science &Technology.

1991-1992 Worked as Assistant Private Secretary to Minister of State for Agriculture.

1992-1997 Worked as Addl. Private Secretary to Vice President of India (Late. Shri K.R. Narayanan) During this period he is closely involved with Mrs.Usha Narayanan for her social welfare activities for women and children and assisting for building working girls hostels and day care centers, potters cooperatives and sericulture projects, and construction of houses at Potters colony at Shornur, in Kerala.

1997-2002 Worked as Private Secretary to President of India. He handled the public Grievances received by the President of India.
2002-2008, he continued to work with Former President of India, fully involved with Mrs. Usha Narayanan’s Social Activities for upliftment of Women and Children.

2008-2011 He joined back to Rashtrapati Bhawan and taken over the charge of Addl. Comptroller, President House Hold, and Head of President’s Secretariat Public Grievance Cell. Grievances received from Citizens acknowledged and forwarded to the concerned Ministry /Department of Central Government and State Government. Responsible for running RB helpline Portal, formulation of Citizens Charter, streamlining the procedures to handle Public Grievances. His charter of specialized function will include training of official of the President’s Secretariat associated with these fields of activities.

After retirement he continued to work with Rashtrapathi Bhawan as Consultant. Presently associate with an International NGO called Bharat Soka Gakkai Cultural Centre a unit of Soka Gokkai International, Japan as consultant.

Chairman- Tribal Affairs Advisory Board - Chittar Prasannan

Chittar Prasannan, was born in traditional communist family background in Chittar, Pathanamthitta and earned his degree from Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. He was an active member of Students Federation of India during his educational period. After his graduation, he started a Fan Factory with accompany of his elder brother in the brand name of Minar in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Likewise, he became an entrepreneur. Then he was the National Treasurer of Sabarimala Sahya Samrakshana Sevasamithi and the Board Member of Auto Cast in Govt. of Kerala. Along with this, a poised, mature and intelligent personality of good character leaded him to actively involve in Left Political Idealism. He was also handled District President as well as State Executive Member of JSS. Now he is the State President of Bharathiya Development Party.

As a well known Environmentalist, his thoughts focused on working for the protection of Western Ghats and promotion of Medicinal Plants. As the result, he started his own agricultural farm, especially for the Medicinal Plants. On the other hand, he was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to work for poor needed. Usually, Politicians are people who are politically active, especially in party politics. Positions range from local offices to executive, legislative, and judicial offices of regional and national governments. However, Chittar Prasannan wished to work for poor in Grass root level. His dream about Social work and the long relationship with HRDS INDIA’s Secretary Aji Krishnan, brought him to HRDS INDIA. Wife and studying two children are his family.

Chairman - Legal Advisory Board - Adv. Syriac Jacob

Syriac Jacob is the elder son of late Sri. J.C. Perumana who was a social worker , known agriculturist and also is well known for his fight and fasting against the high range eviction movement. Syriac Jacob is a post graduate in sociology and hence his sense of social work and social inter-action is a bye product of his academic course. He has an excellent record of public service and social life.Syriac Jacob was the president of bar association and since 2003 he is the president of the society. He has dedicated his best effort for the betterment of the society.

Vice Chairperson - Legal Advisory Board - Adv. Madhu Hiraskar

Madhu Hiraskar was born to Smt. Shakuntala and Shri.Uday Hiraskar in Mumbai Maharashtra. She completed her LLB from Government Law College, Mumbai in the year 2006. She did her Graduation in commerce from Shri Chinai College of Commerce and Economics. She started her career at an early age and during her Law College studies, she took up the job of lecturer in Shri Chinai College of Commerce and Economics. After completing her LLB she was appointed in a Legal firm in Mumbai as Advocate to practise in High court and City Civil court, Mumbai. She is a practising Advocate in Bombay High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Has attended all kinds of litigation and non litigation matters and appeared before High Court of Bombay, and all other civil courts in Mumbai and Supreme Court of India. Successful legal career marked by rapid promotions to positions of increasing responsibility. She has got an experience of more than 10 years in legal field. Currently she is a partner of M/S.V&M Legal, a legal firm, established by herself and her partner Mr.Vachan Bodke. She is handling all kinds of civil and criminal litigation including Arbitration. She has got strong legal and practical knowledge in handling cases of Real Estate, Land Use, including purchase and sale, development ofresidential and commercial, leasing and landlord tenant. She has provenability to negotiate complex transactions.

Chairman-Financial Advisory Board - S Kirubanandam

Kiruba, as Fondly called is an Enthusiastic leader with the right mix of business and passion, having 31 years of experience in all type of industry and sectors, still aspiring to service the needy and poor.
He started his career in 1990 as Representative in Pepsi & Co and moved out as Area Sales Manager in 2002. During this tenure, he developed a network of Resorts / Hotels / Retail Outlets across Tamilnadu. This long relationship was nurtured further with Electrolux for a year and moved on for better prospects with Coke for two years till 2005

Post that his passion for entrepreneurship made him to look into own opportunities. The business career started with sign boards for Multinational Companies, Tourism Facilitator with Cox & Kings and Real estate later extended to Social activities.

During the entrepreneurship Kiruba developed wide network of Industrialists, Developers and Construction Companies, Retailers and Wholesalers. He has completed large land acquisitions for many reputed developers and approval for many of the other developers.

His excellent Public Relationship Skills made him succeed in all his ventures and easy to approach attitude makes the business growing upwards. Kiruba is a Diploma in Electrical and Electronical Engineering. Kiruba was born in North Arcot and grew in the city of Chennai.

As a devotee of Srimath Atma Nambi Guruji, it’s a milestone for HRDS INDIA to have Mr. Kiruba who is having deep visionary aiming towards the up gradation of our goal and projects.

Vice Chairman - Financial Advisory Board - A.M.Nazir

A. M. Nazir, son of A. M. Abubacker, Palace Hill, Chirayinkizh, Trivandrum District. He is from a respectable family having traditional business background of Coir yarn manufacturing and trading. His wife is Zuhara Nazir from Kozhicode and having two children. Son is Post graduate Administration working in Dubai and daughter MBA graduate, married to an Engineer from Business family settled in Aluva.

A.M. Nazir, Graduated in BSc and Inter passed in Charted Accountant then he experienced from 1969 - 1987 with a leading construction company in Abu Dhabi as Chief Accountant and Financial Manager. The parent company of his family was established in 1935 in the name of A M. Abubacker and E. Abdul Wahid and having business with most of the European companies like Aspin Wall & Co. William Godacare, Daharismail and so on. Likewise, he has business with other local companies in Allapy and Cochin. After the demise of A.M. Abubacker the business is continuing in the name of A.M. Abubacker & Son. He is doing coconut pith purification and trading business also. On the other hand, he is the Executive Member of Trivandrum Muslim Association and Muslim Educational Society. Moreover, he is the main resource of HRDS INDIA for raising the fund.

Vice Chairperson – Financial Advisory Board – Dali Tayal

A, Meritorious, Inventive personnel Mrs. Dali Tiyal who is a native of Gujarat, is borne with multiple characteristics in plentiful fields. Though born and brought up in Mumbai, Dali’s maternal and paternal roots are held in Rajkot, Gujarat. During 2004, she got married to (late) Shri Rahul Dev Tayal son of Ex Minister Baldeva Tayal. The Tayal family is well known for generations for contributions to the society. Her daughter Siya Tayal was the youngest speaker at the United Nations Geneva Headquarters at age 14.

After graduating from the prestigious Sydenham College in Mumbai, in Economics, Dali worked in the film industry while running a successful diamond business simultaneously. In 2002 she became a producer of Famous Story tellers (a unit of Famous Studios). Eventually she spread her wings in the film finance and business consultancy. Dali works between Hisar, Mumbai & Gurugram providing complete project consultation services to large companies.

Dali loves to read books; she carries a private library of over 1000 books. Another thing she would spend her money on traveling to see ancient buildings, from different cultures all around the world, and the history of that country. Dali is very much fond of animals especially cats.

Now, this eminent personality is a part of HRDS INDIA as Vice Chairman, Financial Advisory Board and the organization is anticipating from her knowledge and experience.

Chairman – Media Cubicle – S.Chandramohan

S. Chandramohan is a distinguished person among the Senior media persons in Kerala. He is working as the Managing Director and Editor of Pathram Fortnightly and Pathrammedia. He has the rare distinction for unveiling many exclusive reports to his credit.
He began his career at Kala Kaumudi with a remarkable story on the Police Atrocities.
Shortly after that, he joined Deshabhimani as a Sub Editor in 1993 Suryanelli case, French Espionage Case etc. were a few exclusive reports of him. Another report on LTTE activists and their frequent arrival using Trivandrum Airport was also a very crucial one.

Chandramohan joined Samakaleena Malayalam Weekly of the New Indian Express group in 1998. During this tenure, he reports proved to be instrumental in exposing many human rights violations and corruption by the high and mighty.
In 2003, he started Pathram fortnightly with Sri Kakkanadan as its Founder Chief Editor. He is working as the Managing Editor of Pathrammedia. Pathrammedia has ever been considered as a pioneer among the political magazines that molded public opinion in Kerala. Subsequently, a Web News Portal was started in 2016. Pathrammedia, the YouTube Channel was launched in 2018.
Chandramohan enjoys a unique position among the media persons in the Capital City. He is an active member in many voluntary organisations. He is a Director of many documentaries.

Vice Chairman – Media Cubicle – Saji Chacko

With nearly three decades of experience in the media, Saji Chacko is one of the few English media journalists who has had a chequered a career across the three main forms of media that is print, television and digital.
Saji Chacko, who is based in New Delhi, happens to be the son of the late Sri C.P Chacko, who was the news editor of the Times of India Delhi edition. Saji started his career in 1999 with The Hindustan Times, a Delhi’s leading English daily . After spending five years, he moved to India Today’s daily newspaper Mail Today where Saji did a lot stories of human interest which raised a lot of eyeballs.

Thereafter, having put in a good seven years in print, he decided to shift gears and took a plunge in the choppy waters of TV journalism –while he was working at Newsx, one of the top five English daily news channels in the country, he hosted shows of Sports and stories of human interest.
Just when it seemed that he had settled down to television media, he decided to switch gears and step into the world of digital news. Presently, he is working in a startup . The influential contacts that he has in the media nationwide has helped him develop an uncanny ability to build up brands, startups and NGO’s . It is with great pleasure that we announce Saji Chacko has joined HRDS INDIA as media consultant.

Chairman- Marketing & Logistic Advisory Board- Capt. Vikram Chopra

Capt.Vikram Chopra is an alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi). A Naval Architect by profession, he served in the Indian Navy for over 25 years, wherein he has served in various capacities and in a number of challenging billets, which include a tenure of almost three years in Severodvinsk, Russia, for acquisition of Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Gorshkov. In his last appointment he was Director, Naval Design, handling the prestigious Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC).

Captain Chopra during his tenure in the Navy and thereafter has steered a number of high value transactions, which include participation in acquisition of Aircraft Carrier valued at almost 2.5 Billion USD. Additionally, he independently negotiated a number of imports valued in excess of 250 Million USD.
Captain Vikram Chopra is also revered in this industry for his Project Management skills. He has managed contracts as diverse as leading teams for technically intensive constructions, handling complex design evolutions and even managing industry shows for overseeing clients.

Vice Chairman- Marketing & Logistic Advisory Board- R.Ranjith Krishna

R.Ranjith Krishnan is a business man having a manufacturing unit of Soaps and Detergents for the past 20 years. It is a Khadi Board Unit which is meant for the upliftment of the poor and needy especially in the Rural Sector. He has taken initiatives to create awareness of the conservation and protection of the eco system .Ranjith has conduct campaigns to create an awareness and encourage every individual to donate blood so that many lives can be saved Moreover he has been associated with a reputed Social service organization for the last 18 years. His social activities also include conducting medical camps for the Tribals and in high range areas too.

Chairperson – Women Empowerment – Kanchana Nair

Kanchana Nair was born to Smt. Erath Unikatt Vishalakshi Amma and Sri.A. N. Kunhiraman Nair in Coonoor of Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu. Her father was an income tax officer with the Tamil Nadu government and her mother was a homemaker. Kanchana commenced her schoolings in a reputed English private school in Ooty and completed her last years of secondary education in Chennai.

After leaving high school she enrolled in Stella Mary"s college where she completed her masters in literature. She then commenced a role as a High school English teacher at Providence Convent in Calicut. After seven years she moved to Ernakulam where she again worked in a similar capacity at Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

Years later she decided to leave teaching and enter the private sector. Kanchana joined the Mirror Today, a leading English-language weekly magazine, where she was its bureau chief for Kerala. At Mirror Today, she was responsible for conducting the magazine’s regional marketing campaigns and expanding its subscriber base. She was also responsible for staff recruitment and daily operation of the magazines Kerala branch.

After 12 productive years at Mirror Today she left to join one of Cochin’s leading construction companies as their public relations officer. She utilized her marketing expertise and fluent command of English to expand the company’s client base and raise its corporate profile.

Three years later she left to join Asia Pacific Tours (APT), a division of Global Conference Management Group Chennai, as their Branch Head in Cochin. At APT, she drew upon her wealth of marketing experience and polished English communication skills to plan and coordinate conferences and seminars in Cochin for medical specialists and academics.

Kanchana has always had a deep, abiding interest in women empowerment and a desire to improve the plight of socially and economically disadvantaged women in Kerala. HRDS’s vision and philosophy resonate with her and that is why she was delighted when given the opportunity to be a part of its mission. Kanchana is acutely aware of the significance of networking with relevant agencies to facilitate the necessary outcomes required to meet the objectives of HRDS. Her highly honed communication skills and a wealth of marketing experience will be an asset to her in the new role.

Vice Chairperson – Women Empowerment – Sheena Menon

Sheena Menon who hails from Kerala is born in a teacher’s family where she learned the importance of discipline and self respect. It was later she understood that her public relation talents needs to exposed. After graduating from Hotel management she started her career with Gokulam group of Hotels which she believe was life changing experience where she had the opportunity to show her hospitality skills to International tourists, Corporate and film industry.

She moved to Dubai in 2009 with her husband Praveen Menon who is currently working as Food & Beverage Director for local based group in Dubai. With 11+ years of International exposure she decided to move from hospitality to automobile industry. Since 2012 for 8 years she worked for Al Tayer motors handling sales admin for Range Rover division.

She is blessed with a daughter Janvi Menon who is doing Oxford education in Dubai.

Vice Chairperson & Associate Chief Project Co-ordinator – Women Empowerment - Andaman and Nicobar - V K Mariyam

Ms V.K. Mariyam, hails from a family of freedom fighters from the Moplah rebellion of Kerala, who migrated to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands in 1928 while the country was still in the shackles of British Raj. She has a distinct undefeated political career of 15 years during which she became the youngest chairperson of the Zilla Parishad for five terms. For the past one year she has been running a successful and efficient NGO - WITH YOU, which has focused on empowering weaker sections of the society like women, orphans, elders, backward classes and tribals. Also, she is affiliated with Tribal Development Co-operative Society Ltd as its chief Co-ordinator.

Born to an entrepreneur shri V.M. Kunjamoo who was also an active social worker and Smti K Khadija who apart from being a home maker was also self-employed selling milk from the cows she looked after. As observed by her father in an interview Ms Mariyam from an early age had a tendency to help others in need, he re-counted several stories wherein she used whatever resources were at her disposal. Even in absence of a school teacher she came forward and led a demonstration to bring to light the irregularity. Watching her father being an active social worker helping the poor in need by building them homes, procuring them essential things, also helping the community in construction of masjids, temples and churches. All of which led her to become a social figure at a young age of 25, at which she contested the PRI elections in the year 2005 and got elected as Zilla Parishad Member from Shore Point constituency Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

She did her undergraduate studies from 3 different schools, passing her 12th board from Govt Senior Secondary School Wimberlygunj topping her class. Her graduation was done from Jawahar Nehru Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya in Bachelor of Sciences: Chemistry where she was involved in various extra-curricular activities like setting up a club for girls which helped them in public speaking, skill development etc. Her post-graduation was completed from Annamalai University in Master of Science: Chemistry as distance education while she was a teacher at Muslim Education Society School teaching students of classes 1 to 8. She also pursued Master of Philosophy later on in her career from Vinayaga Mission University while being a member of Zilla Parishad.

Noted Contributions:
As the youngest Chairperson of Zilla Parishad, Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ history she transformed the bureaucratic structure of the organization. Initiating several acts of development like construction of Roads and bridges, Market complex, Community Halls, improvement in drinking water supply, minor irrigation, Agricultural and Fisheries activities etc for the overall welfare and development of the islanders. Also given maximum efforts for improvement in educational and health system.

Re-elected unopposed as Adhyaksha, Zilla Parishad, South Andaman in the year 2008 & 2009. Had given full support for implementation of several works undertaken by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration under Tsunami Rehabilitation Program. Maximum effort was made by her to give wide publicity and to implement the program initiated by the Government of India for the welfare of the people.

In Addition to it she has taken active part in various social, political and cultural activities of both State and District level in the UT of Andaman Nicobar and specially increased the moral of the activities of youth and students. She sought public co-operation in exhibitions, Cleanliness drives, Plantation, Eye Donation, Blood Donation and different activities of social service pertaining to the welfare of the needy, constantly supported and promoted Self Help Groups amongst Women and Youths to improve their financial conditions. Organized National Integration Camp in rural areas.

Founded and lead the most proactive women’s empowerment NGO- WITH YOU (President) to help women in backward communities and spread awareness about personal hygiene and health also enabling them to be more independent financially and mentally. A major objective of WITH YOU is to provide legal aid to any one in need especially women. In this respect WITH YOU strives to create awareness among women of their rights and eradicate the social stigma attached in a legal recourse, so they are not reluctant to come forward.

For the past one year Distributed various covid relief packages like ration kits, potable drinking water, clothes, school text and reference books, Masks, Sanitizers, soaps, sanitary pads, Medicines etc. On various occasions visited old age homes and orphanages to cater to their various needs also held programs for their recreation. Helped in procuring and running of free emergency ambulance vehicle. Conducted recreational activities and training programs like tailoring, beauticians’ course, yoga, dancing, counselling, tuition classes etc. Organized cleanliness drive in various spots including beaches, markets, residential areas. Organized various awareness programs covering covid guidelines, labour rights, women hygiene & Health.

She is also the Chief Co-ordinator of Tribal Development Society Ltd, and the Vice President of Pyramid Spiritual Trust, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

She was Member of Home Ministry Advisory Committee, DRDA, Chairman District Planning Committee, Chairman Regional Sports Council, Member of District Legal Service Authority and Member of Permanent Lok Adalat. Took part in Panchayat Raj convention at New Delhi in the year 2008

Received “All India Panchayat Parishad Award” in the year 2007 for excellent services as a PRI member and Chairperson of Zilla Parishad.

“Chaudhary Ranbir Singh Hooda Ekta and Sadhbhavna Award” in 2014 for organising a successful national integration camp in the islands.

In recognition of the outstanding work rendered by her for the development of youth welfare and social activities she was awarded with “Dr S.N. Subarao Youth Service Award” in 2014

For her exemplary public service during the covid 19 pandemic she received “Commendation Certificate- covid relief” work from Andaman & Nicobar Police Department in 2021.

Chairman International Operations - Sanjay Menon

Sanjay Menon is a unique success among Malayalam TV professional who during his career has proved his capabilities in all walks of Television channel business as a Marketing man and Kairali TV North and East India Head (2000 – 2009), in the same position in Sakshi TV (Telugu) 2009 – 2011 and Malayala Manorama Group (MMTV) 2011 – 2016. His career starts in Doordharshan commercial service (I& B Ministry) in 1991 and shifted to Advertising agency in 1993. He had worked in a leading creative advertising agency Ambience advertising their Delhi office since 1993 to 1998. Two years he had experienced as an entrepreneur. He had started a production house and produced two serials for Trivandrum Doordarshan.

During his channel career his contribution in developing innovative and focused programme marketing model well reflected in Kairali TV and Manorama channel revenue. He has developed a very successful team of professionals for throughout his career.

28 years of working experience in major metros based out of Delhi he had shifted to Kerala and took charge in Indo Asian news channels pvt ltd (ReporterTV) as a CEO since 2018.

Sanjay menon has been recognized by many trade bodies and other institutions over the years for his contribution to the television Industry.

Vice Chairman International Operations - Gunasekaran Venkatachalam

Gunasekaran born on 15th March 1965 in the place where the center of the earth falls named Chidambaram located in the Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. He was the 3rd son of Mr. Venkatachalam and Mrs. Selvanayagi Venkatachalam. His father, ruled as a village Panchayat president for more than 28 years and his mother is a homemaker. Their family has lived for the development of the people and always worked for their welfare. Mr. Gunasekaran is happily married to Mrs. Lakshmi Sudha Gunasekaran and they are blessed with one son and one daughter.

Gunasekaran is a graduate in B.A & M.A Economics from Bharathidasan University and Annamalai University. He served our country as Admin officer in Army, during the period 1986 – 2004. He was under service during the Kargil war and was an Operational Savage at Sikkim. He is an extraordinary person who has a lot of Experience in serving our Country, around 15 plus years in working for creating and developing a better and healthy future Generation.

He started his career as Managing Director of VGS Management facilities private limited to provide the skilled and experienced, talented people in specific skill sets, which are in demand in various industries like Hospitality, Information Technologies, Automobiles, Telecommunications, Infrastructure. Leading companies like Nokia, Caterpillar, Flextronics, Dell, Central Government organization like The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) and State Government Organisation like Arasu cable Corporation, Tamil virtual university include in his client list. He is a member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Active Member of THE RISE GLOBAL. The Rise is a Networking Organization of Tamil Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Enthusiasts, supporting each other for mutual growth. They have a clear commitment towards a common good, particularly Tamil language, culture, and community. He is the chapter President of CTACIS where to Inspire, Nurture, and Institutionalize a culture of Entrepreneurship and co-operative enterprises among people. He was an Ex-president of the lions club to Promote the principles of good government and good citizenship. To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the community. To Unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.

Mr.Gunasekaran Venkatachalam is also the chairman of Senior Student Educational Trust in Chidambaram. He and his team work together for the development of the student society around the area, So far lot of students achieved many things with the support of this Organization. Now he is Active in the Field of Organic food products branded as Aruni Healthy Foods where there is no compromise for the word purity. Both Mr. Gunasekaran and his wife are passionate about gaining knowledge about the Natural food and its uses.

He is a book lover, patriotic person, a follower of noble persons like our former President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kamarajar. K, Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. He is a humble and social person. His secret mantra of life is “ Time punctuality and knowledge makes a perfect human, every human should have some thirst for achieving something in life”. He has joined HRDS INDIA as Vice Chairman to imply projects for Tribal Welfare.

Chairman – Spice Extraction Project – Vinu Sagar

Mr. Vinu Sagar is a Business Entrepreneur who started his organization M/s. Jupiter Leys Pvt Ltd., Ernakulam District in 2003 for Spices Extraction and Export. He is the Managing Director of this organization. He had a humble beginning with a small Steam Distillation Unit. Later, he enhanced the capacity from time to time and at present he has got three plant having input capacity of 10 MT per day in the same premises. Further, he expanded with another 21 MT capacity plant in Maharashtra. He has got diverse exposure in the field of Corporate Governance and Business Operations.

He is quite innovative and his passion is to develop new products. He conceives ideas and ensure the ideas converted into realities with his relentless efforts.He believes, a good manufacturing organization must have the right R&D. Due to this profound belief, he invested and installed the world class best Quality Control Equipment in his business. Basically, he is a technocrat who is very enthusiastic about new technology and happenings. He is quite updated on the new developments and trends in the industry and acts with a clear sense of direction. Mr. Vinu Sagar has been able to implement and enhance a lot of production efficiencies in the plant whereby the cost of production could be reduced substantially. Similarly, he took measures in improving the yield from raw materials during production by optimizing the other production aids and consumables.

He worked, prior to this, in IT industry for 3 years.He had been a key team player in development of software in various platforms. Also he was a part of Business Process Reengineering and implementation of software for the same.

His core competencies include Project Management and developing new products suitable for pharma and food industry.

He had his basic education at Sainik School, Trivandrum. Later, he pursued his degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Electricals), Karkala, Karnataka.

General Convenor-HRDS INDIA ADC- N.Murugan Master

N Murugan Master born in the year 1943, as the son of Sri. Neriya Moopan and Smt. Vanjiyamma, of Dasanoor Village, Attappady, Palakkad District. Born and brought up in a family of farmers, he pursued farming as his livelihood. He is married to Lakshmi and is blessed with three kids. After a long period of service in the Government Sector, he retired from his career as a Gazetted HSG Post Master. He is the President of Kerala Adivasi Congress Palakkad District Committee. Along with the same, he is also a Board Member of Malabar Devaswom , Attappady Malleswaran Temple Committee and

Jananamanthiri Board that under takes activities for welfare of Tribal Community . Beloning to a Tribal family he understands the miseries and adversities faced by the people and he always try to help them . The fact that he belongs to a Tribal Family brings in more responsibility on his shoulder to indulge more in Social works that benefits the community. Even at this age , he is very committed towards the Tribal development and always takes initiative for the upliftmentment.

Advisory Board Chairman - Spiritual Movement - K. Aravindan

Aravindan belongs to a farming family and right from the childhood he wanted to become a business tycoon. During his college days he started his business in a small shop at Madurai as a mobile retailer. Thus he started from rock bottom and made it to the top now being a Proprietor of a Resort.

Life is not always the same.

It is the unexpected that changes our lives. Aravindan met Guruji Atma Nambi on January 20 in 2021. The meeting that lasted for about two hours proved to be a turning point in his life. Before meeting Guruji he was a busy business man with lot of commitments in his head. But Guruji’s blessings has reportedly shaped the personality of him and convincingly changed his thought process. Both of them thereupon became very close. Guruji has sowed the seeds of spiritual sense in his mind. Now Aravindan takes the biggest pride of being Guruji's immediate disciple which he treasures as his greatest success

Administrative wing

Project Director Alternative Medicine and Research - Sudhir Nair

M.K. Sudhir was born on 10th May 1970 in Thrissur, Kerala is a Diploma holder in Electronics Engineering. He started his career with BPL Systems and Projects Ltd., Palakkad as Technical Assistant. After 5 years of service in BPL, he moved to HCL Telecom Ltd, Nariman Point Mumbai as Customer Engineer and served for nearly 2 years.

Then he ventured into business taking up sub contracts of BPL and HCL in Mumbai in the name of Kojanar Business Services and started operations in the year of 1996. In the year 2000 he expanded his work to Thrissur, Kerala and subsequently in Mysore, Karnataka. In 2002 he visited Cambodia to provide consultancy for a Cassava based Ethanol Plant in Bhattombang Province and visited Malaysia and Thailand. Subsequent to this Thy Holding Group Co. Ltd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia has appointed him as General Manager (Projects & Foreign Affairs) and holding the position till now.

During these walks of professional life he was actively involved in Yoga, Nature cure and Agricultural activities. Kripa Nature Cure, Thrissur was run by him in Association with Dr.P. Leelakumari (DNYS, MD Naturopathy, PhD in Naturopathy and Yoga). Organized a 90 days Yoga Camp in Palakkad in association with Yogi Jayadevan, UYCON Yoga Centre, Ollur, Thrissur for coronary heart disease reversal program.

He is the authorized representative in India of UPRADEC France, an organization working for economic and Cultural development of Africa.

Presently he is working as The Managing Director of Jayathara Healthcare Pvt Ltd., Thrissur, Kerala and Director of Aadithya Varnam Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

He has a capacity to maintain warm relations with every individual coming across and the ability to speak five languages Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English is an added advantage.

Project Director - Biju Krishnan

Born in Thodupuzha to late C. K. Krishnan and Omana teacher. Since his very young age, he strongly desired to become an eminent politician by the inspiration of his elder brother Aji Krishnan, who was an active member of SFI.

However, his educational journey diverted him to select B.A. Economics. During his college days he was a Campaigner who has been actively involved in various revolutionaries.After his graduation, he chose to study L.LB.

While he was studying, his aspiration to be a politician, motivated him to turn to political sector. According to support students more, he took charge as the District President of SFI. In addition, he was a State Committee member and Branch Secretary of CPIM. As a member of the local committee, he has been involved in a number of development activities. Besides, he left the party along with Smt. K.R. GowriAmma, who is the Former Minister, an MLA for 50 years and the Founder - leader of CPM. As a result, they formed a new party, named JanathipathiyaSamrakshanaSamithy (JSS). Subsequently, he was a state committee member, District President and a Member of State Center Secretariat. Furthermore, his dedication towards our society, he became the DistrictPanchayatMember of Idukki District. Not just a PanchayatMember, he has established several public infrastructure in Vannappuram, Kodikulam, Udumbanoor and Karimannor such as Road, Bridges, Schools, Industrial Units and Drinking Water Projects. Hence, he was nominated by Kerala Govt. as a member of District Tourism Promotion Council.

Furthermore, his dedication towards our society, he became the DistrictPanchayatMember of Idukki District. Not just a PanchayatMember, he has established several public infrastructure in Vannappuram, Kodikulam, Udumbanoor and Karimannor such as Road, Bridges, Schools, Industrial Units and Drinking Water Projects. Hence, he was nominated by Kerala Govt. as a member of District Tourism Promotion Council.

Meantime, he has implemented a lot of development activities in Munnar and Thekkady, which are the popular places for tourism in Kerala. Along with, he was a Chairman of Tourism Task Force in Idukki District Panchayat and the Union Secretary of SNDP YOGAM, Thodupuzha. In order to support the Women Empowerment, he has formed 300 SHGs and issued loans for 15 Crore. Likewise, he used to give guidance and Pre- marriage Counselling to the youngsters. As well as, he is experienced in Journalism, worked as a sub- Editor of Guru Vision Magazine also in Cultural Enviromentalist.

As per the direction of Aji Krishnan, who is the Founder- Secretary of HRDS INDIA and a elder brother to him, he took charge in HRDS INDIA’s ongoing projects such as Sadhgraha -Tribal Housing, Jwalamukhi -Women Empowerment, Ekagrah- Educational and DDU-GKY- Skill Development.

His wife Swapna (Teacher, Govt .HS, Muvatupuzha) and son Abhinav Krishnan(Student).

Project Director - Spices Extraction Project – P. Raghavan

Mr. P. Raghavan is engaged as a Business Consultant, managing the entire business operations with focus on top & bottom line profitability through optimal utilization of resources at M/s. Jupiter Leys Pvt Ltd., Okkal, Ernakulum District, Kerala – 683 550, since May, 2015.He introduced sound management processes for better control at Marketing and Sales, Costing, HR& Industrial systems, Vendor Development, QC, Production and Budgeting.

Prior to this, he started his career in sales with M/s. Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd and held several senior leadership positions in the consumer durable divisions for more than 33 years. Handled the sales and service port folios of renowned Godrej businesses such as Interio, Locks and Commercial in the Southern States. He has the ability to formulate and implement tactical initiatives to achieve the goals of the organization. He possesses credibility and high value of personal integrity. Represented the top management in all the areas of operations for the branches, being the Power of Attorney Holder. Effectively managed all the functions such as sales, accounts/finance, administration, infrastructure and vendor management. He has been an excellent communicator and negotiator with strong analytical, problem solving and organizational abilities. His abilities in preparation and implementation of sales plan including channel management, retail management and Key Account Management are exemplary to his performance indicators. Has been successful in implementation of ISO, Environmental and OHAS processes.

A brief stint in garment industry helped him to understand the buying pattern of foreign customers and accordingly ensured knitting and supplying the right products as per the buyers’ specifications. He could master the art of negotiation with leading foreign customers such as Otto, C&A, Central Station Verburgt and Textil Kartner.

He has been able to develop his teams wherever he worked through his strong people skills. He can inspire and motivate employees to carry out a range of tasks to a high standard. He has been integral in defining the values of the company and providing these to customer and employees through his communication skills. Standing firm on what he believes in and speaking out when something isn’t right, is his strength.

He has attended various management development programs. His core competencies include Project Management, Business Planning and Profitability and Budgeting control & Cost Optimization. He strongly believes in statutory compliance.

After B.Com from Bangalore University, he did his Post Graduation in Commerce under Calicut University. Further, he was fortunate to pursue his Executive General Management Program from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Project Director – Media – Ajay Raveendranath

Ajay Raveendranath son of Mr.Raveendranath and Ms. Gomathi Amma is a native of Nilambur, a major town in Malappuram district, Kerala. His father was a Sales Manager at FACT and Mother is a homemaker. He completed is Bachelors Degree in History from Manjeri. Ever since his childhood, he had a passion towards writing stories and short plays which steered his way to become a writer.

Ajay started his career as short story writer and later moved to writing dramas. Even when his career moved in a faster pace, he never lost his focus on short stories, screenplay, short film and documentaries. He has also worked as an Editor to one of the leading news channel, gulf news with eminent personality like (late) Mr.T.V Kochubava. Apart from being a writer, Ajay has also extensive experience in documentary, film screen play, Narration, journalism, publishing and dramatist etc.

He always believe in putting one’s creativity to use and that’s what lead him to indulge in various sectors, one among which was the Publishing Sector. He commence a publishing agency in the name of “Mansoon Publications” which worked with prominent writers. He published numerous celebrate works including M.T.Vasudevan Nair's Sukrutham.

As an accolade for the works he has undertaken, Ajay has been honoured with many awards like MACTA Award for Screen Play, Kerala State Books and Publishing Award as a publisher. In recent present his work has been published in Mangalam Magazine – Onam Edition, 2020. He has currently been committed for a screen play of a Sanskrit film, the works for which are in progression. During his journey as a journalist, he came across to meet Aji Krishnan, the Founder Secretary of HRDS INDIA and through his actions it was evident that he is out to a journey to make a difference and it fascinate him. Ajay joined HRDS INDIA with a vision to pen down, the harsh realities of society, undertaking the post of Project Director – Media.

Director HR - Offe Jania Elthius

HRDS INDIA recognized Offe Jania as a potential citizen devoted her life towards shaping a better society. Born to an enterprising businessman Sri. Elthius and Smt. Marcelin Mary an astute accountant, in the mould of her parents, she grew up amidst the beautiful landscapes of Kannyakumari, which is a city in southern tip of Tamil Nadu. She grew up with two supportive brothers, elder brother Kingston who is working in abroad and younger one Robert Singh who is perusing his studies in Engineering settled in disposition.

She has completed her Post graduation in English from Amity University and her graduation in English from Manon Maniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelvali Tamil Nadu. She has finished D.T.Ed from Mary Immaculate Teacher Training Institute, Vellore Tamil Nadu. Her benevolent bent of mind led her to volunteer in altruistic programs during Tsunami. She has lent her sympathetic hands to the indigent people through social welfare programmes under different projects. To mention few she has worked with Humanitarian Response to Emergency Team under the roof of Action Aid NGO and helped to eradicate the persistent problem of child labour, spread the awareness of child education as a volunteer in Praxis NGO. With an objective to rescue the ailing humanity she has joined hands with HRDS INDIA and is contributing to the best of her ability as Director HR.

Being a fortunate Tsunami survivor she radiates strength and her words emanate certainty and passion. She inspires her posteriors with courage and charitable attitude beneath the bitter beans. She is heavily influenced and inspired by the extra-terrestrial works of Caritas, a Switzerland based NGO that helped ameliorate the worsen condition of Tsunami hit survivors. What vehemently motivates her to join HRDS INDIA are the key endeavours of Arundhati Roy, a non-expatriate Indian author, MedhaPatkar, one of the apt Indian social activists to alleviate social backwardness prevalent in the rural society and Kiran Bedi who’s an retired Police Officer, Social Activist and the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry . She has a vision to facilitate participation of women across all sectors to essentially build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women under straitened circumstances. With this dream project, she has become a vital part of this NGO, which fosters her efforts to advance gender equality and empower women.

Administrator - Gayatri Varma

Gayatri Varma born as the only daughter of P. M. Balachandran and Karthiyani Balachandran is a native from New Delhi. Her father is a retired GM Flight Despatch devoting his 30 years of career in Indian Airlines. Her Mother is a homemaker who stood as the backbone of their family. She completed her Schooling in Delhi and moved back to Calicut in Kerala along with her grandparents to pursue her further studies. She completed her graduation from the Malabar Christian College, Calicut.

She later on got married to Mr K M Riyas, a businessman and they are blessed with two kids. Elder daughter Akhela is a college aspirant and Sahil is pursuing his 8th Standard.

Ms Gayatri has an extensive experience in office administration for more than 18 years, being employed in various corporate offices. At her initial stage of career she was employed in the Manipal University Study Center as an Administrator where she explored her skills in administration. After 6 years she opted out to get employed in various other prestigious major Automobile offices heading their administrative wing for them. Throughout her career, she undertook to organize various events and interacted with numerous clients belonging to varied sections. Her extensive administration career has imparted in her proficient communication skills in varied languages and enabled her to gain the excellent managing skills.

Even after her successful career she felt her desire to give back to society was left unfulfilled. She joined HRDS INDIA is leading their administrative wing with an aim to be a part of something that can make her life more meaningful.

Training & Skill Development - Project Head - Praise Pious

Praise Pious is an energetic youth from a Farmer family. Born to Pious George and Anna Kutty. Married to Mary Rose, who is an Associate Lecturer. He completed his Graduation of BSW was from Little Flower Institute of Social Science in Calicut and MSW Post Graduation from Loyola college, Trivandram. During his college days he was an active Union Vice Chairman. Such kind of social commitment made him to pursue a Diploma in NLP and Diploma in Counselling.

He has started his career from Sameeksh in Aathmamithra as an Administrator cum Trainer and had conducted a lot of valuable Training Programs for Teachers and Students to provide them guidance and counseling. After six years of experience, he wished to promote students by developing their skills technically. For the implementation, he joined in Quess as a Central manager. His dedication and involvement towards his work promote him as a State mobilize. His experience in the Skill Development Sector is the key to HRDS INDIA in skill initiative. He has recently joined in HRDS INDIA and already into the initiation of implementing a skill development project sanctioned by central Govt.

He is expert in Counseling, Soft skill training. He believes in empowering rural youth with skills that will enable them to an effective workforce.

Chief Project Co-Ordinator -- All Projects – Joy Mathew

Joy Mathew, BA literature. His wife Deepa and has two children are students. He has keen interest in Social Activities. During the time of his education he was associated with Students Federation of India and became the Secretary of Idukki District Committee and Jt.Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi University Students Union. After his education he was full time member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in various position, also be local Secretary and Area Committee member.

During that period he was participated in many strikes. In his leadership he solved different types of labour problems. With the long and good relationship with Aji Krishnan, Secretary HRDS INDIA, he accepted his invitation to work with HRDS INDIA as Project Co-ordinator in Sadhgraha project. At present he is fully dedicate and concentrate on his present position. He is helping and loving nature with very sharp ability to face of any field. He is dedicated, broad minded and well in advance thinking, keen knowledge in Documentation and Co-ordination.

Chief - Information & Technology Core - Anil Thomas

Anil Thomas was born in 1979, son of M. C Thomas and Suma Thomas at Thrissur district, Kerala. He took Master of Commerce (MCom) from P G Centre Thrissur and Master of Computer Application (MCA) from K S Rangasamy Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu have more than 15 years experience in software field. Now working as Managing Director of Wise Sooryagni Info India Pvt. Ltd.(WiseS). WiseS handling both domestic and international software and web projects. With an intimate knowledge of tech and business alike, he's the glue that keeps the WiseS team together and makes sure that delivery happens, every time.

He gets a kick out of helping clients enhance their sites through the creative use of tools that maximize the full potential of the Web. He has a wealth of experience across multiple platforms. His favourite kind of project would have a perfect balance of design, technology and business. His wife is Mrs. Simy Anil working as HR Manager in WiseS. Anil Thomas is handling all technical both software and web based aspects of HRDS INDIA for the last 14 years.

Chief - Communication and Human Resource - Binoy T. George

Binoy T. George has 14 years experience in handling various capacities in Power & Lighting, Engineering, FMCG, International recruitment and Administration. His core expertise is in Human Resources & Administration. He is an MBA in Personnel & Marketing from MS University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Electronics and Computer Technology, Madras Christian College, Chennai. Marketing , HR & Administration In-charge , Essjay Electrolinks (P) Ltd Recruitment Manager - International , Continental Group of Co Marketing (Sales), Samsung India Ltd Marketing (Sales), Tradelinks LLC, Muscat Director (HR & Corporate Communications), Red Tree Partners.

Coordinator - Sri Lankan Affairs - Ajith Kumar.K

Ajith Kumar was born in Pandikkattu family, which is a well known Traditional Ayurveda Paramparya Vaidhyans in Kottayam District Kerala. His Grand Father was a Paramparya Vaidhyan and also a freedom fighter. He was very famous in ‘Snake Poison Treatment’(Visha Vaidhyam). His father K. L. Kumaran is not only an Ayurveda Physician but also he was a Govt. contractor for KSEB and PWD from 1973 to 1990. Ajith Kumar completed his schooling from St. Joseph English Medium Higher Secondary School, Neeloor. He completed the Graduation from St. George College Aruvithura. He is a very good businessman.

Now he is doing import and export Business in Sri Lanka and Gulf Countries. He is also doing organic farming and distribution of plants. In Sri Lanka he has a company which is an Interlock Designer Tile Manufacturing since 2013 onwards. Formerly, he worked with Drake and Scull International Dubai till 2012. His mother is Gomathi Kumaran. His wife Sindhu Ajith and has two children named Arjun Ajith and Anand Ajith. Arjun completed his BE in Computer Science, Anand is studying BE in Civil.

Chief of Operations HRDSAFRC - Sunil Augustin

Sunil Augustin's grandfather Sri (Late),Mathai Augusthy was among the first to migrate to Kattappana from Kottaym district he lead from the front to clear the forest area and start cultivation he was the leader for the people who had migrated along with him in the early 1950's. Sunil's father Augustin was a farmer he was successful in bringing cultivation of cash crops in Kattappana Sunil's mother Mrs. Leelamma is a homemaker. Sunil's family was involved in evolving the suffering of the poor in Kattappana for this his family had to go through many hard times, his family donated two acres of prime land for the construction of the Civil Station in Kattappana for free.

Sunil is a diploma holder from Kerala Film Academy Trivandrum, at the age of 23 he was the youngest to hold the post of Vice- President of YMCA in the history of Kattappana, Sunil was very active in politics, and he was the district secretary of youth congress in Kattappana. Sunil joined HRDS INDIA as the joint editor of the monthly magazine published by HRDS INDIA, latter when HRDS INDIA started its Research wing HRDSAFRC (Highrange Rural Development Society Agro-Farm Research Center) he started working as the Chief of Operations he was successful in implementing various government oriented program for the farmers of Idukki district. He is multi talented personality and is a highly skilled actor he was a very prominent personality in Drama Theater. He is married to Deepa and they are blessed with daughter Christina and son Aiden.

Administrative Analyst – Nikith Krishna

Nikith Krishna, a B.B.A graduate from the reputable Madras Christian College, Tamilnadu, and aspeculative photographer. Eminent and exalted personalities like Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Ms. Shanta Sheela Nair, Justice P.D. Dinakaran, Dr. A.L. Mudaliar, Dr. Raja Ramanna, Hormes Tharakan IPS are also alumni of the MCC, who massively inspired him. He is one among the coterie of followers who backs off HRDS INDIA with his extraordinary skills and a sane intention just like his father, Founder- Secretary Shri. Aji Krishnan. Right from his childhood, he could visibly elicit the vulnerable in society and fathom agonies and atrocities of the downtrodden people in and around him.

His extensive contribution has been extremely significant to HRDS INDIA and its undertakings. Compassion and the drive to help the needful defines his life goal. Apart from philanthropy, he has a strong zeal for Photography, Videography and Film Making. To accomplish his interest,he completed Diploma in Photography in conjunction with graduation. His ardor and creative eagerness bagged him laureates in a Photography contest organized by Rajagiri College, Ernakulum. In addition to it, he received accolades in the Deep woods promo contest in 2018. He is the man behind the real-life pictures in HRDS INDIA's calendar 'A Journey through Tribal life. His spontaneity and determination paved him a way to pitch on a distinctive medium of creativity. His trailblazing thoughts ushered him to make a socially concerned Short film. He is a prime mover in a plan of action as he held himself responsible to orchestrate events and programs systematically in his College.

His charisma and personality resemble that of his father. Unlike his contemporaries, he had proven the true companionship by being his father’s spinal and still treads on the path of giving and sharing. He imbibes and absorbs high principles of his father to provide support to the society and the neglected sufferers subjected to pain and unfortunate plight. He has procured knowledge in social issues by exploring books, travelling across cultures and keenly perceive subjectivity of his father as a ‘man for the society’. He had his heart set on promoting the tradition of humanity to the new generation and yearns to make them comprehend the same. As a revolutionary thinker, he reinforces all those who are skilled enough. Nikith admires people who succeed in their careers despite hardship and woe, giving room to humanity at its best.

Nikith is a tremendous speaker and presenter who can inspire people of all ages. He spent decades of his teen years learning, analyzing and nearing perfection over his leadership skills – both in the personal life and in professional boardrooms. Now, he stealthily puts forth his wealth of knowledge, experience and hands-on know-how to work for the upliftment of the unprivileged tribes. He embarks positivity and creates an impact through his motivational words, a key to many yearning hopes. He is wonderfully effective at helping to promote individual growth and valuable lessons for people around him.

He truly believes in lendingguidance​ and consoling those in the society who starve even for one meal so that they become capable and self-reliant to earn their bread and butter. At such a tender age, his thoughts and urge to be a help for someone in need, exceeds beyond his father’s vision. In all fairness, humanity manifests itself in compassion, understanding, and a willingness to put people before profits. It is this empathetichumor that with great pride and appreciation, we admit his benefaction in our NGO.

The most inspiring and rewarding part of his personality is his desire to lead with dedication and commitment. Possessing the traits of a spirited team leader, he has volunteered to be a part of HRDS INDIA to resolve multiple issues pertaining to the tribes. He has created a shining example of how one idea can alter the lives of many for the better.His appreciation and deep-rooted acknowledgment to his parents’ devotion and sacrifices to always provide him with the best education and support, has affected his leadership skills immensely.He stands head and shoulders above the rest. Yet, he is unassuming, always looking to be part of the class fabric. This signifies the benignity and humility he still holds down. According to him, he has induced it all from the mother nature, the HRDS family and surroundings.

Project Co-ordinator : Aagneya J Pillai

Aaagneya J Pillai is a graduate hailing from northern part of India, born into a Malayalee family to Mrs. Geetha Pillai and Mr. K.J.Pillai. Both of them were proficient errands of Nursing and Civil Engineering respectively. An aspiring art student with an English major from University of Delhi who holds appropriate deft experience achieved during university discussions and national seminars.

She has a desirous attraction for Indian Art and Aesthetics. She has been an adherent of Delhi theatre society. Currently she’s pursuing Master's degree in English but aspires to be a research scholar in ‘Indian performing arts’ as an academic discipline. She was an eminent partisan of several ‘NUKKAD-NATTAK’ on socially pertinent issues in Delhi NCR. She is an exuberant onlooker of theatre and classical concerts and a profound pioneer of ‘Art for Art sake'. Though she is inadequate to compete with students and associates but she's able to balance numerous professional preferences in HRDS INDIA.

Project Co-ordinator- Nidhi Chouhan

Nidhi Chouhan is born and bred in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal which is widely known for its panoramic lake views. Her father works as an Administrative Officer in the New India Insurance Co. Ltd. and mother simultaneously administrates the home. She has two younger sisters as well.

She is pursuing Masters in English Literature from Amity University, Gurgaon and has completed her graduation from Bhopal. As an avid reader, her interest primarily lies in literary compositions. She has a considerable experience in content developing and creative writing with start-ups. She is also an active volunteer for the Peace Education Program, TPRF that aims to prioritize the notion of peace within people.

She is a dynamic individual who seeks to be a Professor in the similar discipline and admires to explore the opportunities abroad, besides her dream to impart educational support to the underprivileged students in India. She possesses excellent communication and leadership skills. She likes to work with efficiency and integrity as a team player. Her inclination for different pursuits like Kathak, basketball, public oration, cooking, singing etc. displays her proactive nature.

It is the benignity and social-spiritedness that ushers her towards humanitarian causes. Well aware of the rampant destitution and its ramifications in the lives of rural people, her sanguine conscience motivates her to join HRDS INDIA. She finds it as a perfect platform to promote selfless assistance to the needy and deprived. She wishes to foster the usage of English language among impoverished people for them to avail maximum benefits out of their work.

Project Coordinator STHP Tripura State - Josy J. Kalathoor

Josy Joseph hails from an agriculture village called Nedumudy in the district of Alappuzha of Kerala State. He is graduated in Commerce from St. Berchmans College Changanassery Under Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. As a a student he was an active member of many of the socio-cultural organizations and that made him to think about working for a marginalized group. That search made him to reach Tripura at the age of twenty and from there he is associated with Don Bosco.

As a project coordinator in Don Bosco, Josy could work the rural areas of Tripura state and travelled length and breadth of Tripura and has friends and associates from all corners of the state from all walks of life. His close association with grass route leve he could master in Tribal language called KOKBOROK and Bangaly.

In his tenure as a project coordinator he has implemented many poverty eradication projects ,Agriculture Sustainability, Housing and sanitation, Skill Training for the School Drop outs and value added projects for bamboo related cottage industry.

He has attended many International and National symposiums and workshops. Aquaculture Nutrition submit at AIT Bangkok in 2006, Poverty eradication Through cultural exchange at BRAC Dakha in 2008, Farmers Innovation at Bangladesh Agriculture University Maimansingha in 2009. Retention of trainees of skill training by FVTRS at Kolkotha and Bangalore are few of them.

Josy has worked as logistic in charge for the Kokborok language feature film called ‘YARWNG’ which was the opening film of Indian Panorama IFFI-2008 which was most challenging since the shoot took place in the remote villages of Tripura with Technicians form Metro cities. Apart from this Josy has worked as associate director and art director for many of the media projects and documentaries. He is well known for his organizational capacity and an impeccable cost effective Event Management Specialist.

The importance of economic interference and employment generation Josy took initiative to bring many investors to Tripura and at present working with them for the sustainability of both personal and the organization.

Project Coordinator New Delhi – Animesh Sinha

Animesh Sinha (Shiva) is the only son of Mr. Gourhari Sinha & Mrs. Sefali Sinha, born in the year 1974. His father is a farmer and mother is home maker. He did his schooling from a very remote village of Tripura (North East). Later he moved to Delhi were, he completed his graduation from IGNOU and his Hotel Management Diploma in Crockery.

He started his career in the hospitality industry in the year 1995 with Best Western Hotel, then he worked with Crowne Plaza Delhi for 12 years. He worked as General Manager in ABN Hospitality Delhi., also worked as Operation Manager in Devyani International Ltd at Delhi Airport.

In the year 2010 he married Bobita Rajkumari daughter of Lt.Bikramjit Rajkumar. She is presently working as a teacher.

He has 22 years of experience in hospitality industry and has worked with different five star hotels & restaurant. He also worked as a freelancer F&B consultant and opened few good properties within India.He has good knowledge of food and beverage knowledge.

Animesh Sinha has received a certificate for outstanding performance from Crowne Plaza Hotel Delhi.

Project Coordinator- West Bengal- Adv. Anjali Agarwal

Anjali Agarwal was born to Sri. Ramesh Agarwal and Sri. Babita Agarwal in the town of Darjeeling, West Bengal. She has been enrolled as an Advocate in year 2016 with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. She is also a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and currently working in a law firm in Delhi. She has completed her BBA-L.LB (Hons) from School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore (batch of 2010-2015).

She is a core member of corporate team and has hands-on experience in spearheading company law affairs, conducting due-diligence, handling matters related to mergers and acquisitions, strategic investment and disinvestment, labour laws, competition law, real estate laws and other areas of corporate laws, drafting and negotiating of various corporate and commercial contracts including agreements for acquisition, joint ventures, employment contracts, partnership etc.

With combination of her professional qualifications, she has advised various Indian and multinational corporations (MNCs and their Indian Subsidiaries) on transactions related to foreign investments, private equity and, regulatory & general corporate advisory.

She is proficient in ensuring compliances under Companies Act, Corporate Laws, SEBI, BSE, FEMA & Laws relating to Merger, Listing Agreements, SAST Regulations, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Stock Exchange Matters.

Project Co-ordinator – UK - Balaji Ilangovan

Balaji Ilangovan, a Charted Engineer and Technical Lead in Automation at AMRC North-West, Preston, United Kingdom, chiefly hails from the capital city Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a Doctorate in Intelligent Automation from Loughborough University and completed his post graduation degree in M.Sc Robotics & Automation with distinction form University of Salford, Manchester, UK. In addition to it, he graduated in B.E. Mechatronics Engineering from Anna University, India.

Residing abroad for more than 10 years, he has bagged substantial amount of experience and expertise in technology road mapping, digital transformation and industrialization of technology overseas. There stand numerous non-academic accomplishments, for instance, he proactively volunteers as a Co-Chair in Post Graduate Research Association, Wolfson School, Loughborough University. Manifesting his leadership, he serves as a Treasurer at IMechE Young Members Panel, Leicestershire. Further, there are several other accolades in his name, to enlist, he has prime memberships of authenticated multidisciplinary, independent professional engineering associations like Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) which is headquartered in London, Institution of Engineers (IET) and Institution of Sheet Metal Engineers (ISME). He has significant publications i.e. issuance of 3 international journal articles, 2 conferences and 1 magazine article. In the past, he had remained a Project Trainee at Hyundai Motors India Ltd. And worked as a Design Engineer (Focal) in Zodiac Aerospace as well.

Hobbies that interest him includes following business and financial news, reading business and financial magazines, member of a professional business or management body, playing chess and puzzle games, involved in local clubs, classes and groups, working as a volunteer in companies, organizing events in the community, playing team sports, travelling and mentoring at intervals. Apart from this he has an indelible interest in philanthropic activities, and it is this sanguine aspect that brought him under the carpet of HRDS INDIA. His spirited participation in humanitarian led enterprises makes him a trustful coordinator of UK based regions. He makes a personal remark, “we need a science of philanthropy and contributing in benign efforts of HRDS INDIA is a wonderful opportunity to make it happen.”

Project Coordinator - Continent of Africa - Richard Buabeng

Richard Buabeng is a Mental Health Nurse with the Ghana Health Service. He was born to Mr. Samuel Buabeng a retired educationist and Mrs. Margaret Buabeng a business woman. He had his basic education in Oyo state, Nigeria after which he returned to Ghana and had his college diplomas from Nurses Training College and Abro media Institute respectively. He is currently a Bsc. Public Health candidate at Catholic University Ghana. He is fluent is two African languages: Twi (Ghana) and Yoruba (Nigeria). He has 8 years of experience in humanitarian support, Health-care delivery, radio/television production and volunteering. During and after college, he has been volunteering with NGOs like Ackts.

In Africa and Chosen Rehabilitation Center as a health personnel offering humanitarian interventions to people with drug addiction in the ghettos of Accra. He is currently the unit head of the Community Mental Health and Counseling Unit at the Kalba Health Center in one of the poorest regions of Northern Ghana. He is a lead volunteer and conference organising committee member of the Mental Health And Well-Being Foundation Ghana and has carried out epilepsy initiatives called Purple Day for Anita Kaufman Foundation Canada. He is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network Fellow with a focus on Public Policy and Management from the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa. He is an open minded fellow, a mental health advocate, blogger, content developer, presenter, human rights activist, Pan-African, Humanitarian and not yet married. He cares deeply about the progress and prosperity of humanity everywhere.

Dr. Akshay Sreedhar - Project Coordinator - Eastern Europe

Dr. Akshay Sreedhar, son of Mr. Siju C.S and Mrs. Bindu Krishnan is passionate about delivering exceptional care and streamlined medical solutions to the people irrespective of their creed or social ranking. His father sincerely serves as the headmaster and his mother rendering as a high school teacher in C.K.M.H.S.S school, Koruthode. He wishes to set himself as an example to his younger brother, Navneeth Krishna S. who is currently pursuing his graduation. Tracing the path of commitment and diligence like his parents, Mr. Sreedhar is indeed an MBBS aspirant pioneering in foreign medicine. Pursuant to MBBS, he firmly believes that medical science not only quantifies for a noble profession but also promises a rewarding career for many potential and ambitious students across the nation.

He works as an Admission Coordinator in Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University, Yerevan, Armenia. An adept medical doctor who is dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes and adheres to all necessary medical procedures with regards to the use of the latest industry equipment and technology. According to him, it is the strong focus on listening to and addressing patient concerns that fetch applaudable success stories. He is the secretary of the foreign student’s council in his university. His willingness to work and practice under highly skilled and niche teams of doctors helps him improve results and maximize patient satisfaction. He is essentially responsible for developing foreign relationships and advocates HRDS India ventures in Eastern Europe inclusive of Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia. His collaboration with HRDS INDIA would superintend the representation and protection of the interests of nationals; initiation and facilitation of strategic programs; treaties and conventions; promotion of information; trade and commerce; technology; and friendly relations.

As a detailed oriented individual, Dr. Akshay Sreedhar has worked in a competitive and challenging environment to contribute the best of knowledge towards the growth and success of the organization. At present, he is working as a member of the Covid -19 eradication programs conducted by the Govt. Of Kerala and Armenia. While not at work, he enjoys flying drones, crocheting, and sewing to maintain manual dexterity. He also enjoys writing short stories in his pastime and offers free medical services down at the community centre every weekend.

Project Coordinator- Rajasthan- Vandana Vijay

Vandana Vijay, born to Mr. Vijay Kumar K.K and Mrs. Jayasree.P who belongs to Kerala and was brought up in New Delhi. She has graduated in Forensic Science from Amity University, Gurgaon and is currently pursuing her post-graduation in Forensic sciences from Gujarat Forensic sciences University, Gujarat.

Coming from a middle-class family, she has learned the values of perseverance and frugality at an early stage, taught by her father, who work as a senior draughtsman in a private firm in Delhi. In her early days, she showed an interest in dance, music, and sports. She has learned Carnatic music for over 10 years, under different renowned teachers. This paved myriad ways to conduct shows and concerts, winning numerous accolades in the inter-college competitions. She was passionate about communicating through dance, her undying passion, self-motivation and dedication towards Bharatanatyam helped her to win many accolades and praise from dance lovers. She holds SANGEET PRABHAKAR senior-diploma in Bharatanatyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.

Getting involved in various activities not only triggered her, but it also inculcated persevering mindset and time –management, which her mother always promoted. She always wished to pursue a career through which she can serve society in some or the other way. This vigor in her, later on, sowed the seeds of interest in science through various scientific experiments in high school, later on into forensic science.

The significance of forensic evidence, the culmination of various sciences, range of techniques and discoveries involved have always fascinated her and to choose an analytical, insightful profession. She would strive hard to serve the society and judicial system by becoming the future forensic scientist, and a responsible citizen.

Project Coordinator- Tamil Nadu – L.Rozario

Rozario born and bought up in the city of Pondicherry (or Puducherry), a French colonial settlement, is a Mechanical Engineer who is presently holding a post of General Manager in High End Quality Constructions Pvt Ltd . He is happily married and blessed with two kids.

He was keenly interested in knowing the working mechanisms of the machines and this had been the driving force behind his Mechanical career. After a prolonged service in the field of Mechanics and Marketing he finally ended up reliasing that his earning has no cause. Hence, he started a school with the service mentality which is known as Wise Gurukul.

In between his journey to serve the needy, he met Mr. Aji Krishnan, the founder Secretary of HRDS INDIA, a team committed to persue wider social aims. He joined HRDS INDIA inorder to work towards welfare of the society.

Project Coordinator – Karnataka- Geetha Amith

Geetha was born and brought up in the "Silicon Valley of India" Bangalore. She is a MBA graduate in Marketing from Banaglore University, which is one of the best universities in Bangalore. Other than MBA, she has completed some other technical Diploma Courses like Fashion Designing, Film Making, Creative Arts, Montessori Teachers Training and Holistic Education who has multiple tasking capability. She is married and blessed with two children.

When we get something from society on the right time we should give back the same as well especially to the needies. Likewise, with the confidence and energy she started a school and running it successfully with the service mentality which is known as Wise Gurukul. During her service, she got to know about the other part of society who is suppressed by the high society. She would like to give voice for the voiceless people and interested in working for them. In the same way, she was waiting for the right moment and the right place to accommodate herself to accomplish her vision. The deep desires from the heart will lead us to the right path. Similarly, she found HRDS INDIA the one who always stands for the marginalised. Finally, with the honour she started being a part of HRDS INDIA and working towards the welfare of the society.

Project Coordinator- Tamil Nadu – Poongodi

Poongodi, a native from Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu is known very well in the name of Pooja among her beloveds. Her dad runs a real estate firm named KSV Real Estate that has been successfully serving clients for past 32 years. After her marriage she moved to Vellore District with her husband and is blessed with a 3 year old son.

Throughout her school life she began to envision a carrer in the Business World and the seed for becoming successful Enterprenuer is self-grown. She has complete her DBA and she debuted in business operations at the final year of MCA. Business is all about recognising the threats and seizing the opportunities at the optimal when it is on our way and her efforts was acclaimed with a Young Entrepreneur Award from National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development in the year of 2012.

A recognition in web designing by bagging a State holder position kickstarted her carrer in web designing leading to commencement of a small web solution company named Karp Technologies in the year 2010 in Coimbatore. The firm has clients from all over India and Hongkong.

Through out her work, she got to know about the adversities of the downtrodden and was waiting for the opportunity to work towards welfare of the society. She was very much glad to be able to work with HRDS INDIA as a Project Coordinator in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Project Coordinator-Shaiju Sivaraman

Shaiju is an eminent social worker having hand full of experience in serving the community including tribes. He is experienced in women empowerment in both planning and implementation level. Also handled the cases in crisis intervention and providing physical support to the tribes in Kerala.

Shaiju, son of Sri C.G.Sivaraman and Smt.Leelamany, was born on 1972 at Thodupuzha in Idukki District. He passed out from Govt. High School Muttom and went to Bangalore for doing higher studies in technical field after completed his post metric education from Henry Baker College Melukavumattom as he was interested in technical field. He was actively working for SFI during his education time. After completed his professional course he worked in the field level as well as in management level. While working in Bangalore, he turned to the social sector as he got influenced by his elder brother Aji Krishnan.

After his education, he was actively working for SNDP union and became Branch President. In this period he could successfully implement so many projects for women empowerment. Micro finance project was one among such projects. It was a financial service such as savings accounts, insurance funds and credit provided to poor and low income women in Chalakudy area. This project helped so many women to increase their income, thereby helped to improve their standard of living. As a part of women empowerment project, he could implement more than 50 food packing units under Chalakudy SNDP union.

Apart from the above activities, he was working with VSS (Vana Samrakshana Samithi) in Athirappilly. In this time he got many opportunities to work for tribes in Athirappilly region. Water shed management was one among such assignments done in tribal area. In summer season tribes were facing severe issues due to water scarcity. This project helped to improve water quality as well as helped to regulate water flow in the region. Also it provided advantages to the flood management and protection to the wildlife habitat in the Athirappilly forest area. Now he is working as a Project Coordinator to implement the projects in tribal area for HRDS INDIA.

Project Coordinator (Andhra Pradesh And Telangana) - G. Gopinath

G. Gopinath was born in the year 1970 in a well reputed and educated family. His native is a historical place known as Attarmbakkam in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu. His father Mr.S.Gopalan and his mother Mrs.C.Saraswathy were well known educationalist, retired as Head Master and Head Mistress. He is the great grandson of Mr. Rajakandaswami – Liason Officer and the private Secretary in the Nizam’s Government in Hyderabad, during the end of the 18th century. At present it is in Telungana State. He is married to G.Sasikala the who is a homemaker and they are blessed with a boy.

Gopinath did his schooling in his native District, Thiruvallur and completed his under-graduation and post-graduation in Economics from Madras University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. During his college days, he had participated in many of the social service programs.

He has coordinated the Archeological team, during excavation and research at the Paleolithic site in Attarambakkam, Thiruvalur District, Tamil Nadu. He has worked as a Central Excise Executive at M/S Spartek Ceramics India Ltd., granite division 100% E.O.U in Chennai. .Later on he developed an interest in photography and videography and started his own business. He has also worked as a site coordinator in M/S Integrated Water Proofing Ltd in Chennai.

Gopinath has also worked with M/s.Daejo Automotive India Pvt., Ltd., as a Deputy Manager-Dispatch and Logistics, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.Later, he moved to M/s. Literoof Housing Limited-Shield Division in Chennai as a Sales Executive. Presently, he is working as a Manager in M/s.Maragatham Silicates Industries (CFS warehouse) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is living at Raja AnnamalaiPuram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

His interest in social work since childhood and was looking for a platform to serve the society. Finally got the opportunity to serve society through HRDS INDIA as the Project Coordinator (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) of the Tribal Affairs Advisory Board.

Project Coordinator (Tamil Nadu) - K. Dhanaraj

K.Dhanaraj, is the son of Mr.A. Kulandaiswamy, who was born and bought up in Perambalur District., and is presently settled in Chennai for the last 25 years. He has completed M.A. (Public Administration) from Madras University. He was associated with the Tamilnadu Government Authorities. His maternal uncle was an IAS Officer (Retd). Seeking his uncle’s guidance, he was actively involved in various government activities. He is actively involved in many political and social activities.

Dhanaraj is currently working in RDS Business Services as Director – Business Development. His meeting with the Founder- Secretary of HRDS INDIA, Mr Aji Krishnan was a turning point steering his journey to work for the upliftment of Tribal Community.

Dhanaraj joined HRDS INDIA as Project Coordinator (Tamilnadu) for implementing various welfare oriented programs for the Tribal Community in Tamilnadu.

Project Coordinator (Tamil Nadu) - T Bhoopathiraja

T Bhoopathiraja was born in Chennai,Tamil Nadu. His father was a Police Officer and mother served as a Teacher. He is the eldest of the four siblings. He completed his Bachelors Degree in English Literature and later pursued his Masters in Public Administration from the prestigious Madras University. He worked as an Administrator and Operations Manager in various private and multinational banks.

Bhoopathiraja has more than 15 years experience in the Banking sector. Currently he is working in the Tamilnadu Police department. He admired the quotes of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and valuable speech for the youngsters. He has the passion in helping the poor and needy people, which led him to join HRDS INDIA as Project Coordinator to imply projects for Tribal Welfare.

MIS Head - Sajith.A.Satheesh Babu

Sajith A S is the son of Sri. Satheesh Babu and Smt. Prameela was born in Ottapalam, Palakkad district. He completed graduation in Computer Applications and started his career from First Source Solution as Technical support executive and later joined with Quesscorp Ltd as trainer .

He is Competent, diligent & result oriented professional, offering around 4 + years of exposure across BPO and Training Field Self-motivated and goal-oriented with a high degree of high flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, commitment and optimism towards his work. Clear presentation skills, committed to standards of the highest professionalism and ethical behavior and handles confidential information with discretion.he is an energetic and matured person towards his decision making at work.

He joined in HRDS India as MIS Head for DDUGKY project.

Q-Head – Saneesh Kumar

Saneesh Kumar is an enthusiastic youth, born to Mr.Sundaran and Mrs. Sreelatha. . He has completed his Diploma in Electronics Engineering was from Government Polytechnic College Malappuram with distinction.

He started his career from NIT in Calicut as Lab Assistant Trainer and gained 5 years of experience in various fields such as Customer/Technical support and Teachers training and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. He wished to promote students by developing their skills technically. For implementing this, he joined in Quess Corp. as a Retail Trainer. He also became the part of project such as mobilizing, training, placement and documentation . He has strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. He is eager to improve professional skills gained through previous experiences in the retail sector. His experience in the Skill Development Sector is the key to HRDS INDIA in skill initiative. He has recently joined in HRDS INDIA.

He is an expert in retail training and also have huge contact with employers all over Kerala. He believes in empowering rural youth with skills that will enable them to an effective workforce.

Project Leader - Information & Technology Core - Muhammed Rafi

Muhammed Rafi was born in 1980, son of Ummer and Laila at Kottayam district, Kerala. He passed Master of Computer Application (MCA) from K S Rangasamy Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu have more than 12 years experience in software field. With intimidating problem-solving ability, he'll always find the smartest tech solution.

He goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our quest for the best way forward. His experience in developing web sites and web applications using a variety of technologies, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand his horizons and improve his craft that brings him, the Project Leader of Wise Sooryagni Info India Pvt. Ltd.(WiseS).

Project Director - Community Radio Station- Chitradevi Karthikeyan

Chitradevi was born on 6th July, 1977 in Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu. She is the eldest daughter of Sri. Thangevel a Rtd. Headmaster and Smt.Vijaylakshmi who is a homemaker. She has completed her graduation in Ecnomics from NGM College Pollachi. She is married to HRDS INDIA Project Coordinator Karthikeyan and is blessed with a daughter who is doing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and engineering at Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi.

Chitradevi has currently joined HRDS INDIA as Project Director of HRDS INDIA Community Radio Station.

Dy. Project Director - Sunil Kapoor

Sunil Kapoor is the son of Smt. Veena Kapoor and Shri Balwinder Kapoor. His Father is Chartered Accountant and mother is a Homemaker. He Graduated from Delhi University in commerce.

After completing his post graduation in Sales and Marketing, he joined in Telecom sector and worked with Tata and GE. He also worked in real estate sector for 5 years looking after several pro-jects in Noida, Greater Noida and Gurgaon. He later on started his own Software Development business, Kapsun Inter globe Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Nepal.

He actively worked with NGOs in 2015 after Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, look-ing after earthquake victims in the crisis-hit districts providing tents/tarpaulin, food and other basic items and making necessary arrangements for resettling them safely. During his time in Nepal, he participated in local recruitment and training programs and adhered to safety procedures in all com-pleted tasks. He also evaluated funding proposals and made recommendations accordingly and conducted research to support new initiative proposals for feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

He is very familiar with and has multiple tie-ups and connections with Northern states of Punjab and Uttarakhand and North-East States particularly Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. He has excellent interpersonal communication and project management skills.

A result oriented community development practitioner experienced in providing administrative sup-port to complete projects. He is knowledgeable in disseminating project information to project stakeholders, monitoring the progress of projects, developing and maintaining project deliverables and gathering and inputting data into databases. More so, He has been involved with initiatives like community mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, field research, capacity building as well as planning and implementing community based projects.

Dy. Project Director - George Daniel

Being born as the youngest son of Mr. Daniel and Mrs.Mariamma Daniel, George grew up by cherishing the affectionate love of his parents and four siblings. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature in his native village , Thiruvanchoor,Kottayam District, Kerala with a vibrant group of friends and motivated by the true political ideas, his childhood nurtured him to be a good human being.

George has completed his post graduation in M S W in medical and psychiatric.Being well trained ,well versed and effective counsellor,he could alleviate the pain,settle issues and bring meaning to the life of many people,especially the married couples, youth and children.He worked as an Additional Counsellor in Family Court, Ettumanoor ,Kottayam. He has ten years of experience as Psychiatric Counsellor in PSALMS counselling centre, Kottayam through which he could restore order and faith in people who were mentally broken.He completed M Phil in social work which definitely denotes his social commitment and interest to work for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized.

Blessed with the power of word and communicative skill, George is a motivational speaker, guide and trainer.He is applauded for his artistic abilities ,organizing capacity, and leadership qualities. He is technically updated and uses all modern mass media to convey values and messages to the society.He is passionate in creating short flims with the aim to educate and inculcate values in students.the first short flim he directed was “ The Silent wind” dealing with teenage infatuation and its after effects.

A good human lover, he is known for his aesthetic sense , pleasing peosonality and cordial relationships.

Dy. Project Director - L. Josit Dayana

Josit Dayana, Daughter of Shri V. Lawrence from Kurumbanai, Former President of Palapallam Panchayat as well as Social Activist of Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu. Having Pre-doctoral degree in Commerce from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli and Post Graduation in Business Administration specialized with Finance and Human Resource Management from Sathyabama University, Chennai. She practiced as Asst. Professor and Placement Officer in Sathyabama University and Nanjil Institute of Business Administration (NIBA) respectively.

She has acted as Branch Manager at Micro Finance, a wing of Anugrakha Charitable Trust and Served as District President at Dr. Abdul kalam Trust for Educational and Greenery, Kanyakumari. She is an active member of “Nermaiku Thunai” team followed by Shri.U.Sagayam IAS, Tamilnadu. It is a wing of Noble Foundation and she is one of the Executive member in Editorial Board of “Dr. Kalam Nanbargal Iyakkam”. She has analyzed and identified the social problems and providing the best solution by doing Social Researches, She is called as Socio-Entrepreneur. Couple of years worked at Dubai, UAE. Fortunately, she met Aji Krishnan, Secretary of HRDS INDIA at Dubai. She is a workaholic, sincere, dedicated and multi talented personality and she was thrilled to join with HRDS team. She likes to share her ideas, knowledge, experience and services with HRDS INDIA.

Dy. Project Director - Karthika Raveendranath

Karthika Raveendranath Daughter of V. Raveendranath (Late PWD Contractor) and K.S.Girija. Married to Mr. Arunan (Asst.Branch Manager ESAF Bank Palakkad) has 2yr old daughter Aashritha.

She completed her graduation of BBM from VLB Janakiammal College of Arts And Science, Coimbatore and Post graduation, MBA in Finance, Marketing from Guruvayurappan Institute of Management (B-School), Coimbatore.

During her school and college days she has secured lots of prizes and medals from the district and state level for sports and games.She was a state Kabbadi player too.She had an interest in social activities and became the member of Blood donor group at Palakkad and KMCH Hospital Coimbatore.

During the year of 2015, the tragedy struck her life totally changes her attitude and career. During the period of her MBA got campus placed in Karur Vysia Bank, Coimbatore as Operation head, but the situation of the family made to reject the offer letter because they diagnosed lung cancer for her mother and father at the same time, which made her so strong to accept the life in positive ways as how it is. Treatments could not save her parents.That made her to enter deep into the social activities like planting trees, providing seeds to cousins, friends, neighbors and to school students for controlling the pollution in the environment and providing awareness to students regarding the change of lifestyle and its influence of cancer disease.

With the help of her siblings elder sister, Mrs. Dhanya. R (settled in Canada) and Mr.Dhanesh.R (Cinematographer) and Husband started a medical shop with the intention to help and support people by providing:
*Free home delivery
*Free medical camp in every two months
*Discount for the below poverty customers
She is flexible, innovative and a good problem solver.

She believes that
"It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion comes together"

Dy.Project Director – Suba Dheyaneswaran

Suba, born in 1984 in Tiruchirapalli to Sri.M Balasubramanian (Business) and Smt.B Susheela (Home maker).She is married to Sri. Dheyaneswaran (Civil Engg) and is blessed with a 4 years old son Pranav. She has completed her graduation of BE (ECE) from Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, and her masters in ME (EST) from Anna University ,Chennai .Later on she has worked as a Project Engineer in Circuits World, Tirupur and also worked as an Asst.Prof in a reputed Engineering college.

Having great experience, she has keen knowledge in documentation and coordination and has developed herself as a broad minded person with time and priority management .She is very sincere and hardworking .She has joined in HRDS INDIA for the betterment of humanity.

Associate Project Director - Arun.T.Mohandas

Arun is the son of Mrs. M. Remadevi and Mr. Mohandas Thekkiniyadath from Calicut, Kerala. His sister Amrutha is working as a teacher in Calicut.After completing his higher secondary education in commerce he joined in JDT ITI in 2011 and studied Stenography with Computer Application. Later he had joined with Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health (LISSAH) College for his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. During that period he had attended many seminars and presented a paper in the International Social work Conference held at DePaul College on the topic “Buddhist Ideologies and Social Work Concept a Comparative Analysis”.

Later BSW he got admission to Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) in Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady. He has cleared State Eligibility Test (SET) in Social Work in the year 2016. He is a young street play artist and script writer too. He has attended a street play workshop conducted by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority in Trivandrum and participated in an awareness creation street play in various districts of Kerala. He has been working with people who are oppressed and marginalized, that lead him to Palliative Care activities. He was a volunteer at Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) Kozhikode. During his academic period he showed keen interest to work with tribal people. He has done his internships with the Tribes in Wayanad, Idukki, Attappadi, Gudallur, etc. Internship in Nepal, Pharping 2015 earthquake affected area has opened a new chapter in his professional career. He has good skill in communication, rapport building , problem solving with time and priority management. Moreover, he is an active participant of development activities and politics in his native place.

Associate Project Director – Shypu Purushothaman

Shypu Purushothaman, is the son of Mr. Purushothaman and Mrs. Shylaja, has two sisters one is working as a teacher in the Government School, Kerala and other is HR Manger in a reputed firm.

He has completed his graduation, B.Com from Govt: Victoria College, Palakkad one of the prestigious colleges in Kerala. During his college days he had participated in all types of extracurricular activities in college arts and sports club. He was the candidate in college UUC. Moreover, he had actively served the society through his participation in the college NSS activities.

After college, he had worked with reputed companies in the finance department, accounts and in administration. He secured about 15 years experience in the said field.

He has a keen knowledge in documentation and coordination; and has developed himself as a broad minded, pleasant, polite, time and priority management person.

Moreover, he is very hard working, sincere and dedicated towards his work. Due to his thirst in social work, and his keen interest for the upliftment of downtrodden people in the society which inspired him to join HRDS INDIA .

Associate Project Director - Ritu Mahalwal

Ritu Mahalwal born and reared in Delhi has pursued her Master’s in Rural Development from IGNOU. Ever since her schooling she had been clear about her path, which was social service. She has worked as a social worker in personal capacity as well with Mohalla Organisation and she has taught needy students with Sanskar Kendra.

She has successfully managed educating rural kids to motivate them attending school and make them realize importance of education. Further she has been active in undertaking activities to educate rural women to understand importance of education to their wards. She conducted various seminars to make rural as well urban women, aware about being independent. Apart from self reliance, she has also addressed various integral issues on Hygiene, Better Health, Food Habits and environmental cleanliness.

She has pioneered numerous self targeted projects, within her ability pursuing her firm belief that “satisfaction of the people lies only when we drive in the same direction what they need”. Ritu, as a person has always been down to earth dealing with problematic individuals helping them, address their issues with a practical solution. She possesses exceptionally good convincing skill to mould an individual to adapt to new situations.

She is a team player, who maintains a cordial relation with her fellow peers, synchronizing the performance of all segments. Apart from her professional achievements, Ritu has researched about the livelihood for the deprived and also written a book about it. Ritu has joined HRDS INDIA as Associate Project Director where she can put in her all expertise to use and thereby bring a change in the lives of the Tribes.

Asst.Project Director - Sadhgraha – Ajai Babu

Ajai born to Sri. Babu Antony and Smt. Binu Babu was brought up in Pala, Kottayam District, Kerala. His father is a business man and mother is a homemaker. He has two siblings; elder brother Akhil Babu who is working as an Accountant in Bangalore and younger sister Annu Maria Babu who is pursuing Bsc. Nursing in MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore.

Ajai has completed his 10th grade from St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Bharananganam and 12th grade from St. Vincent EMHSS, Pala. After schooling he pursued B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.

Asst. Project Director – Niramaya - Dr. Anju Vijayan

Dr Anju Vijayan BAMS hailing from Kumily, Idukki district. Daughter of Sri C N Vijayan, former Idukki district Panchayath standing committee Chairman, Former State Project Co-ordinator HRDS INDIA and Srimati Omana Vijayan a devoted home maker. A graduate in Ayurveda medicine and surgery from the most reputed Ayurveda Institution in India Govt Ayurveda Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala.

Anju is passionate about learning new things, keeps a vision of propagating the holistic approach of healing and nurturing through Ayurveda, Yoga, mindfulness for the upliftment of society. Practice and propagate yoga, different mindful techniques like Meditation, gratitude practices, benefit of following Healthy Dinacharya, healthy life style activities. Enthusiastic and excited about finding age old traditional practices and bringing them forth for serving the society. Anju owns good command over Malayalam and English. She is also blessed with two sisters who are persuing homeopathy and Dental science.

Asst. Project Director - Sreelakshmi Sudeep

Sreelakshmi Sudeep resides in Thodupuzha which is a place famous for its beautiful landscapes. She is the elder daughter of Mr Sudeep Kumar K R, who is the manager of Annamalai Nadhar Mahadeva Temple, Karikode and Mrs Mini Sudeep who is a housewife. Her younger brother Sooryan K Sudeep is working as an Ayurvedic therapist. She completed her schooling and degree from her hometown.

Her zeal for community service paved the way to pursue post-graduation in Social Work from the Central University of Karnataka. Right from her childhood, she was an active participant in co-curricular activities. Her passion for politics was evident from her career as the former ABVP Joint Secretary and State Girls in charge of ABVP Kerala. She has volunteered for numerous social welfare activities during the Corona pandemic. She worked as an intern at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience, Bangalore and also in SOS Children's Villages. She is a charismatic person with good interpersonal skills. Currently, she is working as Asst. Project Director at HRDS INDIA-DDUGKY Thodupuzha Centre.

Asst. Project Director - Yuti Pancholi

Yuti Pancholi born as the daughter of Kaushik Pancholi and Manisha Pancholi is an epitome for Versatility. During her Schooling she has been awarded as the Best Athlete for the year 2007-2008 in DSRV with State level participation in DSO and MSSA for track events. Yuti has been curious and experimenting has been like a second nature to her. From being an athlete to a Bharatnatiyam dancer she wants to experience it all.

Born in a family of engineers, she chose a different path, she chose to do Bachelor degree in Mass Media and went ahead to get her Masters in Advertising and Mass Media too. Always being passionate about teaching bagged a job at Thakur College as a visiting faculty along with a full time job as PR executive. She has been working at Mirabilis INC as PR Executive for more than 1 year, gaining confidence with my communication skills and exposure to with various clients. She is also a Freelancing Choreographer for independent events.

Apart from excelling in her career, Yuti is a trained BHARATNATIYAM dancer and has served as assistant teacher for 1 year at Nritya Kala Niketan. She believes that life is what you make it and sky is the limit so she has been voluntarily associated with a lot of NGO's that help strays and take care of them, feed them also get medical help for them.

Extending her curiosity she loves to explore cultures and languages, further to this, she is studying the Korean language and targets to learn at least 5 more languages. She is very happy to be associated with HRDS INDIA, she thinks changing lives of people, extending your help and privileges to those in gives real meaning to your life.

Asst.Project Director – Rajitha Krishnakumar

Rajitha Krishnakumar was born in Attappady, Palakkad District as the youngest daughter of Mr. Krishnakumar and Ms. Jayalakshmi. Her father works as a businessman and mother is a homemaker. She has two elder sisters, Rekha and Revathy. Rajitha completed her Masters in Social Work from St. Gregorios College Pathanamthitta and Graduation in Public Administration from Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Arts and Science College, Kottathara, Palakkad.

Being a native of Attappady Rajitha has shown a keen interest to serve the downtrodden people since her early childhood, which later lead her to pursue MSW Programme. Her passion towards serving the society and helping the most oppressed communities is really appreciable. Apart from her academics, she always finds time to serve the tribal communities in Attappady. During her academic period she has done her internships and block placements in several agencies inside and outside Kerala, especially with Mental Health. Her desire to work for the oppressed native people in Attappady has lead her way to HRDS INDIA. She has joined HRDS INDIA as an Assistant Project Director.

Asst.Project Director – Preethi Varma

Preethi Varma born in Gods own country, Palakkad the granary of Kerala .Born to Sri.Aravind Menon and Smt. Prema Varma Her father was in charge of the maintainance department in a reputed firm in Gujarat and Prema Varma is a homemaker. She has an elder brother Ratish Varma ,who is working as Senior Manager-Network Partnership Program Management at Tata Communications in Mumbai. She completed her graduation in Commerce from Svargiya Sanjihibahi Rupjhibai' college, Gujarat. During her school days she won the second prize in cultural activity and has a great passion for dance since childhood.

Preethi is married to Vinod Tharoor, who is working as a Procurement Manager with IBS Software Pvt Ltd and is blessed with a son Aarav Varma who is studying in 2nd standard at Vyasa Vidhyapeedom Palakkad. Having an experience of 7 years in several IT Sectors she fluently speaks English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada.She is well experienced in fields like client servicing,vendor management and business development .Her hobbies includes cooking and listening to music.She is an enthusiastic when it comes to all activities.

She has a keen interest in social service .When she came to know about HRDS INDIA,she applied so that she could serve the needy.Preethi has joined HRDS INDIA as Asst Project Director.

Asst.Project Director – Nisha Naryanan

Nisha is the daughter of Sri. D.Narayanan an employee at Govt. Tribal Department and Smt. Padmavathy who is presently working as a school teacher in Govt. School, Kottathara. She is born and brought up in Attappady, Palakkad district. She has completed her schooling from Govt.Tribal Higher Secondary School Sholayur, after which she moved on to Palakkad for her higher studies. Nisha completed her graduation in BA(English) from Govt.Victoria College Palakkad. Later on she joined Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore for her post-graduation English literature, after which she completed her B.Ed from Koduvayur, Palakkad.

Nisha is very interested in singing and dancing. She has participated in inter as well as intra university competitions and also has attended many national seminars and workshops. She is a very talented and ambitious girl who desires to do good for the tribal society. She is very sincere and hardworking.

She has joined in HRDS INDIA as a Asst. Project director as she has great interest in social work since childhood and was looking for a platform to serve the Tribal society. Finally the doors to serve the society was opened through HRDS INDIA.

Asst. Project Director – Nisha Youseph

Nisha Youseph was born in Pathanamthitta. She is the youngest daughter of Mr.P.H.Youseph and Mrs.Latheefa Youseph. Her father works as a driver and mother a retired teacher. Nisha is married to Nefsal who is working as a Sales Manager in Areeca LLC, Abu Dhabi. Sister Ms. Nimshy is working as a teacher in Arya Bharathi Higher Secondary School. She did her schooling from Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Pathanamthitta.She has completed her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology.

She has worked as draftsman with Sincere Builders, Pathanamthitta. A very hard working, sincere and dedicated towards her work, by nature. Her interest in social activities inspired her to join HRDS INDIA.

She believes in - "Never neglect an opportunity for improvement”

Asst. Project Manager- Projects – Uma Maheswari

Uma Maheswari was born in Attappady, Palakkad, which is known as the rice bowl of Kerala to Sri. Kanakaraj and Smt .Kala. She has an elder brother Gnanasekar who is an employee in a private sector. Uma has completed her graduation from the most reputed college PSGR Krishnammal College. She has keen interest in Social Activities. During her college days she was a active NSS Volunteer and has participated in many awareness programs, rallies and NSS Camp in many villages. She completed her Masters from Bharathiar University Coimbatore. She is married to Mr.Sugandhar who is a Mathematical Teacher presently working in New Delhi and they blessed with a baby boy Shaikrishnav.

Assistant Project Manager - Jwalamukhi – Ramya Ganeshan

Ramya daughter of Sri.K Ganeshan and Smt.G.Shanthamani from Attappady Palakkad district, Kerala. She has only one elder brother who has completed his graduation and is working in Mettupalyam. Ramya has completed her graduation in B.Sc(Information Technology) from St. Paul’s Womens College, Coimbatore.

During her college and school days she had participated in extracular activities in Taluka and district level,she got a Galilo award for little scientist conduct Harva Siksha Abiyan in Palakkad.

After her studies she started working as a data entry operator in Akshaya E-entre Kottathara , Attappady.

Ramya has great interest in dancing and gardening. Her dream is to help the down trodden people of the society that’s why she choose HRDS INDIA organization.

She has joined in HRDS INDIA as Project Assistant and now she is promoted as Asst.Project Manager Jwalamukhi is very dedicated towards her job.

Assistant Project Manager - Karshaka - Roja Suresh

Roja is the daughter of Sri. Sevikuppan and Smt. Chelly Sevi and is born and brought up in Attappady, Palakkad district. She has two brothers. She has worked at Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission Hospital from 2010 to 2011 and she has worked at NRLM Kudumbashree Mission in Attappady as the Ooru Samithi Secretary and then she got promoted as Bridge Course Teacher (Balagothra Sabha tuition teacher). She has worked at an NGO called Doctor for you that is an initiate by UNICEF as a field staff in 2018 for a period of three months.

She got married to Suresh and she is blessed with two children. She completed her matriculation in GVHSS Agali and Higher Secondary in St. Theres’a’s High School Bramakulam. She has HRDS INDIA as Project Assistant to sever the Tribal people for their upliftment.

Junior Research Assistant - Hari G Reghunath

Hari G Reghunath hails from Idukki, Kerala. Having spent his years growing up in the high ranges of Kattappana, Idukki and he done his schooling from Carmel CMI Public School Puliyanmala. Completing his Bachelor of Science in the discipline of Geology from Ayyappa Institute of Management Studies peermade, Hari is deeply familiar with the environmental implications of the life in the Ghats. His father, the late Dr. B Reghunathan, was a Veterinary Surgeon by trade and the Joint Secretary of HRDS India after being a consistent presence in the organization from the days of its inception. His mother, Dr. P.V Geethamma is also a highly reputed Senior Veterinary Surgeon.He has two siblings an elder sister who is currently pursuing a PhD in English Literature and a younger sister studying in 8th grade.

Project Asst - Raj Srivachaviya

Raj is the eldest son of Shri.Srivachaviya, an accountant at Tamil Nadu and his mother Smt.Ponnamma, a retired staff nurse at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. He has a sibling who is working. After his schooling, he pursued a Diploma medical course in X –Ray and E.C.G.

He worked at the Ranga Hospital as a Dialysis Technician for a few years, later on he joined Deepam Hospital. Raj has also worked at the Thirumailai Medical Foundation in Chennai. He is married to Ms.Nithya and is settled in Coimbatore. Nithya has completed her MSW& MSE in Psychology and is working in Seesha on a medical. They are blessed with a 3 year old son, Lorenzo Abraham Raj.

He gave up his job from the medical field because he had to go through a trauma, finding patients dying even during their dialysis. He decided to serve people through a job in an NGO. During which HRDS INDIA offered him a platform he was waiting for.

His aim in life is to fulfill the dreams and the incomplete efforts of his Grandfather in helping the poor and needy. Raj has always been passionate towards acting, photography and animation.He spends his leisure time playing football.

Project Asst.- Neelam Rawat

Neelam Rawat, born to Prem Rawat and Laxmi Rawat is a native from Uttarakhand. From her very days of schooling itself, Neelam chose web designing as her favorite pastime as she enjoyed contributing to the exciting technological advancements. Apart from the world of designing, Neelam was very much interested in hospitality. After schooling she pursued Bachelor’s Degree in B.A Programme specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Management services from the University of Delhi which she graduated in 2020.

Along with her studies, she pursued her inclination in Web designing by studying various courses in relation to it. Neelam is fascinated about the animals and her favourite pastime is to observe them and spend time with them. She is a volunteer in FAPO India where she undertakes to pet the innocent animals and protects them. She is a dedicated and ambitious girl with an inherent drive to serve the needy.

She joined HRDS INDIA as the Project Assistant to lead a way helping the deprived section of the society.

Project Asst—Devadas Madhavan

Devadas born to Late Sri. Madhavan and Smt. Rugmini was brought up in the Chittur of Palakkad District, Kerala. His father was a farmer and mother a homemaker. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister, both of them are employees at Private sector.

He completed his PDC from Chittur College Palakkad. Ever since his schooling, he was involved in various social service activities. Ater studies, he joined a Ayurvedic firm where he spend 10 years of his career. He is happily married to Smt.Saranya, an accountant in a Private firm and they are blessed with a son, Sachin, who is presently in 2nd Standard.

After completing over a decade at the Ayurveda fir, his passion to serve the downtrodden people made his join HRDS INDIA as Project Assistant. He is very dedicated to his work.

Project Asst — Jayasanthi J

Jayasanthi Jayakumar who is the daughter of Mr.Jayakumar and Mrs.selvi from Attappady of Palakkad district. She is a young dynamic and powerful personality from Irula tribal community Attappady. She was born in the backward tribal community in the help of her parents Mr. Jayakumar who is working in Govt. health department in Agali. She completed post graduation in Economics from chittur Govt College respectively.

With an aim to bring her community educationally backward she had undergone B.Ed in Social science from CUTEC College in valappad, thrissur. In this vision she had joined hands with HRDS INDIA as a Project Assistant with the responsibility of HRDS INDIA GREEN SCHOOL which is the Tribal Educational Welfare Programme of HRDS INDIA.

Project Asst– Gayatri Satish

I hail from a very poor family. I lost my father when I was just about 7 years. I was a single girl child and have no brothers or sisters. It was my mother who worked in several places and somehow managed to earn just enough to look after me and also my studies. I, studied from a Government aided School. Now I am pursuing my graduation through Open School of Delhi University and currently is in Final year.

Since my young age, I was taught by my mother to help all in need that she possibly learnt from her struggles in her life to groom me and make me worthy of being self-reliant. Owing to the circumstances in which I was brought up and also my natural liking, I always used to like doing social services. I learnt a lot from my over 2 year's association with the NGO I was working. I also learnt the value of human life, how poverty affects even the mental growth of people and how good people feel when they are cared for.

I look forward to a career that would enable me learn more about human values, lives and do social service helping people realizing their values and purposes in life.

Project Asst– Nandini Elangovan

My family currently consists of my mother, brother, sister and myself. I lost my father several years ago when I was just about 12 years. My mother struggled and worked in several placed to bring up the family. She now has a very small pavement side snacks shop selling limited items of South Indian food in the vicinity of Supreme Court area.

The earnings have never been good, the shop being very small and on the pavement side and now it has gone to negligible earning owing to the pandemic related frequent lockdowns and peoples self-curtailed habit of having outside food.

I studied from a Government aided school. I have been taught by my mother always to help people. She never wastes food of the shop and gives away a lot to the people who need more than us. I have always been inclined towards social service. The NGO I was working with helped me learn more. I assure the best of myself and look forward to a career that satisfies my inner self.

Center Manager – Preetha Sudhir

Preetha Sudhir wife of Sri. Sudhir Nair hailing from Kanippayyur of Thrissur District has done her graduation in B.Com from Sri Vivekananda College, Kizhoor, Kunnamkulam and Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Bharatheeya Vidhya Bhawan Thrissur. She assisted her husband in his varied businesses in Mysore and Coimbatore. She has a blessed talent of writing Short Stories, Novel and Articles etc. She is prominent in online writing groups’ viz. Nallezhuthu, Malayala Sahithya Group and Akshrachimizhu.

She has always been keen in studying the life of Tribal People and work towards their upliftment. Her aim is to prepare a thesis on the life, culture, food, rituals, traditional treatment methods etc. of tribal community and her efforts has always been goal driven. She is now a part of HRDS INDIA as Center Manager, Alternative Medicine & Research Centre at Anaikkatti, Attappadi.

Office in Charge - Usha Menon

Usha Menon wife of Allunni Menon, has worked in New Delhi and Mumbai for a long period at various organizations. She is BA literature, joined in HRDS INDIA with her personal interest for doing social activities. She was the member of Giants International at Mumbai and also done some more activities along with Lions Club of Kalyan, Mumbai. She is well experienced in Documentation, Administration, Decision Making and Managerial Skill. She is dedicated, broad minded, pleasant and polite in nature, always an enthusiastic personality.

Centre Manager (KL) – Siju Mathew

Siju Mathew is the son of Shri. Mathew Kunnathu and Smt. Cicily Mathew at Thodupuzha. Married to Ms. Riya Mathew who is working at Alphonsa Eye Hospital, Thodupuzha and they are blessed with a son. Siju completed his Basic education at St.Ritha’s H S S, Mylacombu,Thodupuzha and completed his degree in Bachelor of Tourism from Holy Cross College Puttady,Idukki. He has got a Master Degree in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from MG university Kottayam. During his academic journey he was elected as college union General Secretary, Arts club secretary and Magazine Editor.

He started his professional Carrier as Project Coordinator in Highrange Development Society, Mariyapuram, Idukki. During his tenure, he was coordinating Save A Family plan, a family development project implemented by SAFP Canada and also, he was the coordinator of TB control programme implemented by RNTCP& CHAI. He Also professionalized himself as paralegal coordinator at NeethiVedhi and conducted number of awareness classes for Women, Children, youth and Tribes. He was directly involved in land entitlement issues of Tribals and stretched out his professional skills in the development of Kerela Adhivasi Forum (KAF), Idukki a registered group for the development of Tribals.He also organized various Programs of KILA, for the Legislative Members of Grama Panchayath and Block Panchayath in Idukki district.

He worked as the Quality Team Head (DDUGKY) at LIFE Delhi. He has proven his professional skills in coordinating various projects and programs. He joined HRDS INDIA DDU-GKY Project, Thodupuzha centre as Mobilization Head and presently holds the post of Center Manager of the same institute.

Centre Manager (KL) – Arun Thomas

Arun Thomas is an energetic young social worker, born and brought up in Nileswaram, Kasaragod. He has born to Mr. Thomas Joseph and Mrs. Molly Thomas. He is the youngest of the three siblings. His father is a farmer and mother is home maker. He married to Ms. Medona Jacob who is working at Josgiri Hospital Thalassery. He completed his Graduation of BA Philosophy was from IGNOU University and MSW Post Graduation from Little Flower Institute of Social Science in Calicut.

During his college days he was very active and got 1st prize in National competition of Paper Presentation which held in ‘De Paul Institute of Science & Technology’ Trissur and the paper entitled “Empowerment of Community affected by Development Induced Displacement: A Social Entrepreneurship Model” had published in ‘ARS – Journal of Applied Research and Social Sciences’. He was also a volunteer of ‘Asakiranam’ of Caritas INDIA.

He started his professional career as Programme Officer in Folkland International Center for Folklore & Culture and he coordinated CSR project & INTACH project of the NGO, then he worked with Samskriti Sahajeevanam, a Unit of Samskriti Pariyaram as Trainer cum Counselor and conducted a lot of valuable training programmes for students and teachers to provide them guidance and counselling. He worked as Mobilizer in DDUGKY Project run by ABC Mercantile PVT LTD. Kannur. After four month he got a wonderful chance to work for Tribal student with Academy of Media and Design LLP Palakkad as Project Manager. Now he joined in HRDS INDIA as Center Manager for DDUGKY project.

He is talented Social worker who has training and working knowledge of Project Management, Counselling, Educational Training, Mobilizing, Medical Social Work, Psychiatric Social Work, Community Social Work and Administration. He is expert in Counseling and Soft skill training too.

Retail Sales Trainer – Silpa Benny

Silpa Benny is the daughter of Benny Jacob and Saji Francis born in an agricultural family in the village of Karimannoor in the district of Idukki of Kerala state.

She completed her graduation of BBA from Indira Gandhi College of Arts & Science, Nellikuzy, Kothamangalam and Post-graduation, MBA in Finance and HR from Viswajyothi College of Engg & Technology, Vazhakulam, Muvattupuzha.

She has started her career from Marrs Intellectual services Pvt Ltd as a CRM Team Leader. She has also worked in Quess Corp Ltd as a CRS Domain Trainer. And she has recently joined in HRDS India as a CRS Domain Trainer of DDU- GKY Project.She is a loyal, talented and caring person who loves making a difference into the lives of young children and youth.

She is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that her undertake, or situation that her presented with.She is a loyal, talented and caring person who loves making a difference into the lives of young children.

Ease and willingness to learn, good interpersonal relationship skills, responsible, creative, organized, ability to make tough jobs quickly, interest in professional development, extensive experience in the field of finance, leadership and decision making, knowledge about the management of the systems and the handling of the Internet.

Courier & Logistic Trainer – Remya S.L

Remya S.L is the daughter of Sasidharan and Laila who hails from Kilimanoor, Thruvanandhapuram. She completed her graduation in B. Com , Cooperation.Then she finished her Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing, Logistics & Retail management and also Diploma in Computerized Financial management.

She started her career in 2013 as a teacher, latershe joined as a Retail facilitator in CAP WDI, Angamaly under DDUGKY Project.

She has recently joined in HRDS India as a Logistics Trainer, DDU-GKY Project. She is a good teacher who is loyal, talented and caring person. She takes effort to make a difference in the lives of young generation.

Logistics – Trainer (KL - Kannur) - Suneesh PS

SUNEESH PERUMPARAYIL SUDHAKARAN was born and brought up in Kannur district and he has completed his master education in Business administration from Sreenivas Institute of Technology in the year 2012.After completing his master education, he has started his career as an accounts assistant in one of the leading FMCG in Bangalore.

He is having 7 years of exposure in different organizations and for the last 4 years he was working in Dubai International Airport as a Warehouse assistant and he is well experienced in logistics and Warehouse management. He joined in HRDS India as Logistics trainer.


I am Vishnu BN Son of Sri Bhagavaljeev and Smt Molly Bhagavaljeev was born and brought up in Kottayam, Kerala. I Done my Graduation in B.Com specialised in Finance and Tax. I Pursued my Post Graduation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I'm not comfortable with settling, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

I carry a six months experience from DHL Express as operation agent. Later I joined HRDS India as Courier and Logistics Trainer.I was an NSS volunteer during my school days.I wish to use my strong organizational skill, award-winning educational background, and ability to work well with HRDS INDIA.

IT Trainer (KL) - Deekshith Ramakrishnan

Deekshith Ramakrishnan is the son of Shri.Ramakrishnan who is a farmer and Smt.Prameela Ramakrishnan who was born and bought up at Palakkad. He is a B.Tech Mechanical graduate from Government Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam. He is having a sister who is pursuing Post Graduation in Government College, Tirur.

He has one year experience as Mechanical Engineer in IRTC Palakkad. He has recently joined as IT Trainer at HRDS INDIA.

He is a very enthusiastic and energetic person and love to serve people. He is having good knowledge in IT which helps in the growth of students as well as the organisation. Now he has got an excellent opportunity to serve people through HRDS INDIA.

IT Trainer (KL - Kannur) – Stephiya John

STEPHIYA JOHN was born in 1993, daughter of John and Stella john at Punjab. Her father is a retired military officer. Her Mother is a homemaker who stood as the backbone of their family. She has completed her MCA with the specialization in DBMS. She has a work experience of 3 years as I T Trainer in WSSS Training center. she is very responsible and very active. Her hobbies are listening music and spending time with family.

She has joined with HRDS INDIA as IT Trainer and is pleased to work with the team and students, so that she can spread her knowledge in supporting for learning & placements.

F&B Trainer (KL) – Anu.P.Anand

Anu P Anand, born and brought up in Kottayam is the elder son of Sri.P.N Anand and Smt. Indira Anand is a talented individual having experience in the areas of Food and Beverage. He has completed 2 year Diploma in Hotel Management from St.Antonys College, Kanjirapilly, which is undertaken by KILLE-IITM PROJECT. He is also well trained in MS Office( Excel, Word, MS Access), Micros, Net soft, Holier and Hot soft.

He is having many years experience in various sectors of Food and Beverages and has worked with ‘Manipal Country’, Banglore, a unit of Manipal university as Industrial trainee. After that he joined with ‘Beach Orchid’ , Kollam(Quilon Beach Hotel) as Waiter and Trainee Captain. Later on he joined as a Captain at ‘Club Mahindra’ (Indriya), Cherai, a luxury hotel in Cochin. After gaining experience from there he went to Dubai and worked in ‘Rolls N Kebabs, Deira Restaurant’ and managed the duties and responsibilities as a Supervisor. After handling all these departments , he was given the responsibility of Food and Beverage service at ‘Olive Downtown’, Cochin.

After proving all his skills and abilities in all the areas of Food and Beverages, now he has joined as Food and Beverages trainer under DDU-GKY project at HRDS INDIA, Thodupuzha.

Having a strong motivational and influencial skill,extensive knowledge in good food and wine, experience in managing people and driving business performance, he can be the best trainer for the students.

F&B Trainer (KL - Kannur) - Neethu PS

Neethu was born to Sri. Lakshmanan and Smt. Soudhamini in alakode of Kannur district, Kerala. She has completed her schooling at GHSS KANIYANCHAL and completed her diploma in Hotel Management at National school of Hotel Management in Kannur. She has Six years of Experience in the path of Hospitality industry.

She started her career as a front office Executive in a four star hotel Polariz Parassinikadavu , Kannur, and during her journey of career explore she promoted to the Lounge supervisor of Nas Aviation at Kannur International Airport. Recently she has joined in HRDS INDIA as F & B Trainer. She is very self motivated individual who is very dedicated towards her work.

Communicative English Trainer (KL - Kannur) - Archana Krishnan K

Archana Krishna K is the daughter of Mr. Unni Krishnan K and Mrs. Deepa from Calicut, Kerala. After completing her graduation in English Literature from Baithul Izza Arts and Science College she pursued MA English from Little Flower Institute of Social Science and Health. During the studies, she had participated in the District Level Speak For India Debate competition in 2018 and 2019 and also was a participant of National Youth Festival in 2018 organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt.of India. She was working as a trainer for English Nest - A leading English language training center based in Kozhikode and as a tele consultant for Indodemy - The learning App.

Communicative English Trainer (KL) - Radhika Menon

Radhika Menon (Radhika Suma) was born in Palakkad. She completed her schooling in different parts of the country, owing to her parents who exposed her to different cultures and lifestyles. She did her degree in Literature, Journalism and Mass Communication and has been working as a teacher ever since. A passionate poet and writer, she has edited and co-authored in an anthology of short stories, ‘Lost and Misunderstood’ published by Inkfeathers. She is had worked as a Quality Checker in English and Subject Matter Expert in Mass Media for Next Education, Hyderabad. Her mother, Ms.Suma, an Assistant Professor of English at SSV College, Muvattupuzha, has been her strength and support over the years. She has two younger brothers and is currently living in Muvattupuzha.

Communicative English Cum Soft Skill Trainer (KL) - Parvathi R Kaimal

Parvathi R Kaimal was born and schooled in the charming city of Thodupuzha, which is often known as the “Satellite City of Kochi”. She is the youngest daughter of Mr Remesh Kumar, a retired Sub Inspector of Kerala Police and Mrs Sindhu N, a JPHN of Kerala Health Services. Her elder brother Vishnu R Kaimal is an enrolled lawyer at the Bar Council of Kerala.

She has completed her graduation in B.A English language and literature from Newman College, Thodupuzha and moved to Ernakulam, to pursue Post Graduation in M.A English from the prestigious St Teresa’s college. As a student she had great interpersonal skills, she took the initiative of being the student coordinator of Women’s Cell back in her college. She was also the organizer of the National Seminar that was held at St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam. Currently she is working as Communicative English Cum Soft Skill Trainer at DDU-GKY Skill Development Training Centre, Thodupuzha. She is a goal-driven individual who is meticulous in managing tasks.

Communicative English Trainer (TN) – Sudharsan Balraj

Sudharsan son of Mr. Balraj hails from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He has completed his graduation from Government Arts and Science College,Coimbatore and pursued his post graduation from Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. His ambition was to educate and motivate the people who belongs to the weaker section of the society. In order to achieve his aim he started his career as an Asst. Professor at Bishop Ambrose College of Arts and Science.

After working there for a while he got a chance to be a part of HRDS INDIA DDUGKY Project at Tamil Nadu . He desires to provide quality education to the students by his innovative teaching.

IT-ITES Trainer(TN) – Vipin Gopan G.S

Vipin Gopan G. S, son of Shri. G. Gopa Kumar and Smt. Santha.T a native of Kanyakumari. He has two elder siblings. Brother is working in BHEL Vellore and sister is settled in Hyderabad. He did his schooling in S R K B V M H S S Kulasekharam and completed graduation in BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kongu Engineering College Erode.

After graduation, he was working as a Customer care executive in Allsec Technologies, Chennai, he learned what is BPO and how to handle the customers and customer Queries.Then he got a chance to be a part of Kochar Industries as a Senior Technical Executive,which is a KPO,In Kochar he learned the technical knowledge regarding the GPRS connectivity and the System Trouble Shooting.

Due to his hard work he was selected as a Team Leader in Bildscribe BPO Coimbatore. As a Team Leader he made a Proper Bonding with the Team Members and Controlled all the Operation Etiquette. As a Team leader, he got the clear structure about in out of the Telecom in BPO. He was Proficient in Inbound Process as well as Outbound. Later he joined KGISL as a Sales Trainer he Trained 14 Batches in Tamil as well as in Malayalam and delivered an Excellence for the process. In KGISL as a sales Trainer he got a good enough knowledge in E commerce. He was talented in convincing the customers also. He discovered his own explanation for the sale.

Now he has joined HRDS as IT-ITES Trainer hoping to provide quality education to students so that earn a better living and thereby bringing a significant change in society and contributing something to the society.

ITES Trainer – Neethu Vijayakumar

Neethu , daughter of Shri.G.Vijaya Kumar& Smt.Sheeja is a native of Thiruvananthapuram. Her sibling is working in Dubai. After completing her schooling, she pursued her graduation in B.A English Literature from Kerala University Thiruvanathapuram.

She started her career as a Technical Support Associate at Tech Mahindra and there she expertise in BPO and how to handle the customers and customer Queries.Then she got a chance to be a part of KGISL, as Team Leader.

As a Team Leader, she maintained a cordial relationship with the team members and also helped in grooming of her team. During her course of service, she voluntarily tooks the role of an SME for the new Trainees. Her career at KGISL lasted for a period of 3 years after which she joined HRDS India, as a ITES Trainer of DDU-GKY Project.

She believes that her passion to be a teacher can help her to motivate and inspire the young minds to explore and experience the varied prospects of life.She is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes or situation that she is presented with. She is a loyal, talented and caring person who loves making a difference into the lives of young children.

She believes that education and training benefits not only the students but also the entire society.

IT –Trainer (TN) - Umashankari

Umashankari was born in 1989, daughter of Vigneshwarsan and Thilagamani at Coimbatore. She has completed her Mechanical Engineering with the specialization in IT and Computer Science. She has a work experience of 4 years as Assistant Professor. Her area of interest is research and collecting data’s and upcoming events in technology wise. Her hobbies are reading books and spending time with family. She has joined with HRDS INDIA DDUGKY Project office as IT Trainer and is pleased to work with the team and students, so that she can spread her knowledge in supporting for learning & placements.

Skill Development Trainer-Jwalamukhi-Vijitha

Vijitha was born to Sri.Vijiyan and Smt.Prasanna in Kazhakkoottom of Trivandram District, Kerala. She has completed her schooling at Pallithara, Trivandrum. After her marriage with Sri.Babu she moved to Attappady, Palakkad and they are blessed with two children named Vrintha and Bijeesh.

Vijitha has a self motivated personality with ambitions and vision to fulfill them. She wishes to bring the downtrodden people into the mainstream of society by enabling them to gain income for their living which will also prosper the entire community. She has a special interest towards the development of the Tribal community in Attappady.

She has been working in the field of stitching and embroidery for more than ten years, and has completed training in stitching from Govt. Project. She has joined HRDS INDIA as Skill Development Trainer in the Jwalamukhi Project.

Mobilization Head (TN) – Berlin Navaraj

Berlin, son of Sri. M. Navaraj and Smt. Vanaja, was born in Nagercoil. His father is a Business man and mother is home maker. His younger sibling is studying in 11th Standard He completed his graduation in B.Com from Kamaraj University, Madurai. He started his career with TTK Group of Companies and has an experience of two years . He has joined HRDS INDIA as a mobilization head of DDU-GKY Project. He is very dedicated and fulfills his responsibilities in a well discipline manner.

Mobilization Head – Athira C.R

Athira, daughter of Sri.C.K Raju and Smt.Ajitha Raju is a native of Muttom. She completed her graduation in economics from St. Joseph college Moolamattom. During her studies she was elected as Secretary of NSS (National Service Scheme).

During the period, she was very responsible and very active in introducing new plans and ideas. After her degree, she passed Post Graduation in Development Studies from M.G University. As a Development Scholar she is much familiar with Rural Development Programmes.

In 2014 she completed her B.Ed. in Social Science Education. She started her carrier in Four Season Fabrics Pvt. Ltd,Muvattupuzha as an accountant.

She has joined HRDS INDIA Thodupuzha as Mobilization Head and she is ready to encourage and make aware to the students about the course and its policies provided by HRDS INDIA under DDU GKY project.

Warden – M.K.Chandran Meleparampil

M.K Chandran, born and raised in Olamattam, Thodupuzha is the second child of Shri.Kunje and Smt.Gowrikutty. He is blessed with an elder sister and a younger sister. His wife Smt.Sheela P.S is working as Library assistant in Govt Polytechnic College at Nattakam. They are blessed with two sons, Anilkumar and Animon. Anilkumar is working as a clerk in South Indian Bank, Thodupuzha and his younger son Animon is in 10th standard.

He is 10th qualified and is presently the warden of HRDS INDIA, and one of the project namely DDUGKY skill development institution Male Hostel, Thodupuzha. He was the Union member of CPI-AITUC for 5 years. After that he became the Kerala Congress J-District Committee member. Later he also been selected as the Niyojakanandalam secretary of Thodupuzha.

Having all these great responsibilities in hand, he is also monitoring the students of HRDS INDIA- DDU-GKY Project, Thodupuzha Hostel. He is very enthusiastic,bold and very caring. Being a person who is having a high status in the society, he is very simple in nature.

Warden (KL - Kannur) - Sr.Rosello

Sr.Rosello was born and brought up in Punjab. She is born to Late. P.F.Dominic Savio. Even though her childhood carvings are outside Kerala, she was frequently coming to our God’s own country. She was very strong in the decision making, where she finds her path towards religious life. She has undergone her education in a wide spectrum of array bearing BA; B.ED; MA respectively. About her experience, primarily she had undertaken the role of Hostel warden in Jalandhar.

After spending two years in that particular role, she was opted as Principal of Sacred Heart Convent School for three years. Again she was very delighted to take the same role in St. Joseph’s Convent School for tenure of one year. Later she engraved herself as a role of developing the young generation by joined as Teacher for St.Joseph’s School in Bihar. Sr. Rosello was an Examiner of ICSE Examination for English Literature and also she was a team leader of ICSE. Her wide array of knowledge and experience marks as an impeccable development for HRDS INDIA. After 2017, she moved to Kannur where she finds an excellent opportunity to become a part of HRDS INDIA whole heartedly.

Warden (KL - Kannur) – Mohanan P P

Mohanan P P son of Late Devi Amma from Kannur, Kerala. After completing his higher secondary he pursued PDC from Madai co-operative Arts and Science College. He was working as a security guard for Trans Guard and Star Security in Dubai. Currently he is working for HRDS INDIA Kannur as a Hostel Warden.

Warden –Deepa Mathew

Ms.Deepa Mathew, daughter of Shri.K.K Karunakaran and Smt.Leela Karunakaran, born and brought up in Melukavumattam in a village in Kottayam district. She has completed her education from MDCMS HS,Chalamattam, Kottayam. Presently she is coordinating with HRDS INDIA, and in one of the project namely DDUGKY Skill Development Institution Thodupuzha centre as female hostel warden since June 2018.

As a warden, she is fully dedicated and responsible in fulfilling her duties. She is friendly and kind, which helps the students to be in confort zones. Being the wife of Mr.Joy Mathew, Chief Project Co-ordinator of HRDS INDIA, she is aware of all the disciplines of the institution which is helping to run the organization smoothly. They are blessed with two children. Abhijith completed B.Com in Al Azar College, Thodupuzha He is perusing Accounting course in reputed Accounting Center in Thodupuzha. Her younger daughter Ms. Abhirami , perusing B.Com in St.Joseph College, Moolamattom, Idukki.

Warden -Ramar Srinivasan

Ramar, son of Sri.Srinivasan and Smt.Pushpa is a native of Anaikkalpatti in Trichy district. He has two siblings, his father works as a driver and mother is a homemaker. After schooling, he joined SP Apparels Pvt Ltd, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. There he worked in the printing session. As he wanted to pursue his education, he joined for Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering . After which he worked as a Customer Care Associate with First Source Ltd, Trichy.

He has received the Excellence in Performance award during his service period, for his contribution to the organization. His strong determination and hard work led him to this great achievement. He has an added experience in the Hotel Management and Tourism sector. With a total professional experience of 6 years he joined a CRS course under DDU-GKY Project of HRDS India in Coimbatore. His polite behavior and willingness to work hard lead him to the position of Boys Hostel Warden in the same centre where he underwent training as a candidate. Now he has become a part of HRDS India Family.

Field Supervisor – Vellingiri Lakshmanan

Vellingiri is the son of Shri. Lakshmanan and Smt.Krishanamma. He was born in an Agricultural family in the village of Vattalakki, Attappady in Palakkad district. He completed his higher secondary from Govt.Tribal Higher Secondary School, Pudur.

He has a good knowledge in Agriculture and Farming. Vellingiri started his carrier with FTS (Friends of Tribal Society) and Vivekananda Medical Mission in Attappady. He is very interested to help the village people and the Tribes. He is having seven years experience of social work.

Now he has joined HRDS INDIA as a Field Supervisor. As a supervisor, he is dedicated and fulfilling his responsibilities in a well disciplined manner.

Office Asst. – Subha Mony

Subha Mony was born in 1964 as the daughter of Sri.T.N.Thankappan and Smt. Karthika at Kothamangalam, Ernakulam District of Kerala. She got married to Mr.Mony Panamthottathil, who is a reporter of Deepika Press (Malayalam Daily) and is also working as ABPM in the Postal Department, Chittor Agali Branch.

She is blessed with two sons Aswin.P.Mony and Arjun P Mony. Aswin is studying 2nd year BCA cloud computing and cyber security in Karnataka College at Banglore, and is studying 1st year B.Com computer application in CAS IHRD at Attappadi .

Now she is residing at Attappadi Chittoor in Palakkad district . She has successfully completed Hindi Bhushan and Sabithyacharya at providence college in Kothamangalam from Kerala Hindi Prachara Sabha(KHPS).

She is an experienced School Teacher in Vimala Bhavan UP School Chittoor and Branch Post Master. Now she is working as a Office Assistant at HRDS INDIA.

Security Officer – Vasudevan N

Vasudevan N is a native of Chappath which is a place known for its stunning natural wonders. He is the son of late Mr K K Narayanan and Mrs Kunjamma. He got married to Mrs Sathi who is a homemaker. They are blessed with two boys and a girl. He completed his education from Cheenthalar High School, Idukki.

From his young age, he was an active participant in sports which in turn urged him to participate in most football tournaments. He had a deep-rooted love for books and movies. His job experience began as Statistics Evaluator, later on he held the post of Forest Guard in Thekkady, Kattappana and Vallakkadavu. Later on, he worked as a Village Man at the Village Office, Upputhara and also as a Security Guard at Idea Mobile Communication Limited (2002- 2012).He has also worked as a Security Guard at DC College, Pullickanam (2012-2020). Currently, he has joined HRDS INDIA - DDU- GKY Training Centre, Thodupuzha as Security Officer.

Security Officer (KL - Kannur) – Ambujakshan C

Ambujakshan. C is the son of Late Kannan and Narayani, who is born and brought up in Kadannapally along with his 3 elder siblings. He got married to Nisha who is working as a nurse in Pariyaram Medical College. They are blessed with two daughters Keerthana and Prarthana. Keerthana is a higher secondary student while Prarthana is a 4thstd student. He has 30 years of experience in the field of automobile mechanic and as a driver, in which 18 years he worked in UAE. He has great interest in mechanic and in gardening too. Recently he joined HRDS- INDIA Kannur as a security officer. He is well disciplined and sincere towards his work.

Housekeeper - Latha Arumugan

Latha born as the daughter of Mr. Arumugan and Thangamani was brought up in Pallatheri, Palakkad District of Kerala along with her 3 siblings. Both of her parents were working as layman and her father, at present has retired from his work due to health issues. She is married to Mr. Subramani working as a painter on contract basis. They are blessed with a boy named Sanish who is currently studying in plus two at Thiruvalathoor school. Previously, she worked in a Food manufacturing unit as a housekeeping staff. Currently, she is working with HRDS INDIA as a housekeeping staff. She is very friendly and co-operative in nature and is well committed in her duties and responsibilities.

Housekeeper - Girija Babu

Mrs. Girija Babu, residing in Thodupuzha is the daughter of Mr. Balakrishnan Nair and Bhanumathi Amma and wife of Mr. Babu who is a driver. They are blessed with two children, the elder one studying Degree and younger one is pursuing Fashion Designing.

She is currently coordinating with HRDS INDIA-DDUGKY, Thodupuzha as housekeeping staff and is doing her duties neatly and correctly. She is having a well disciplined nature and is also active in participating in all the activities of the institution.

Housekeeper - Maruthammal

Maruthammal is the third daughter of Smt.Kali and Sri.Chathy who was born in Kulukkur village in Attappady, Palakkad Dist, Kerala. She has completed her schooling from Govt L.P School Kulukkur. She is married to Sri.Nanchan(Late) and they are blessed with two sons Rajesh and Ratheesh who are studying in Govt U.P.School Kottathara.

Previously, she has been working as a cook in Matric Girls Hostel in Kottathara. Her passion is in cooking. She is very friendly and cooperative. She has joined HRDS INDIA family as housekeeper.

Housekeeper- Beena Sukumaran

Beena Sukumaran of Varikkatharapel house is the daughter of Sri.V.K Prabhakaran who is a Farmer and Smt. Sarasamma Prabhakaran. She is married to V.S Sukumaran of Vadakkepurayidathil house who is a Farmer and is blessed with two children, Vishnu V.S ,currently pursuing degree in St.Thomas College, Pala and Vishal V.S, 8thstd student of St.Paul HSS, Munnilavu.

She did her Schoolings in MDCMS High School Erumappvumattom. She completed her graduation in B.Com Corporation in Hentry Baker Collge, Melukavu, Kottayam and is having experience as Co-operative Bank trainee and also Rubber board enumerator. She is very simple and kind in nature and maintains her level best in preparing delicious food for the student and staff members.

Housekeeper – Maheswari Sivaswamy

Maheswari is the daughter of Mr. Nachimuthu and Mrs.Thirumathal. She is married to Mr.Sivasamy G and is blessed with a son Nithishwaran, who is studying 12th standard and a daughter Mathu harani who is studying in 8th standard.

Maheswari is working as Housekeeper at HRDS INDIA-DDU GKY, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is a very energetic person. She is very kind in nature and is very sincere to her duties.

Housekeeper – Chandri Vasu

Chandri was born in 1974 as the daughter of Vasu and Ammini at kongad, Palakkad district of Kerala. She is happily married to Mr. Sajimon who is a self employed auto driver at Attappady.

They are blessed with three children named Sandhya mol, Sanitha and Saneesh. All her children have passed their matriculation and they are also happily married to their better halves. Currently, she is working with HRDS INDIA as a housekeeping staff. She is very friendly and co-operative in nature and is well committed in her duties and responsibilities.

Housekeeper – Rekha Sajan

Rekha Sajan resides in Kodikulam which is a place known for it’s beautiful landscape. She is the daughter of a hard-working farmer and thus belongs to an agricultural family. Her father is Mr Mathew M O and her mother is Mrs Elsy Mathew. She is married to Mr. Sajan T B who is doing decoration work. They are blessed with a single child named Ron who is currently studying in eighth standard.

She completed her schooling from St Mary’s High School, Kodikulam. She also completed a beautician course conducted with the support of Kodikulam Panchayath. Along with these, she was a classical dancer during her school days. Hand embroidery, stitching and reading were her main areas of interest. Now she is coordinating with HRDS INDIA-DDUGKY, Thodupuzha, as house keeping staff. She is very co-operative as well as efficient in completing her duties.

Housekeeper - Sreekala C R

Sreekala C R is a native of Thiruvalla and currently residing at Muttom which is a place known for it’s scenic beauty. She is the daughter of Mr Chandran T A who had worked abroad and Mrs Rathnamma C K who is a house wife. She is married to Mr Jain N P who is working as a driver. They are blessed with two children. The elder child is a ninth standard student and the younger one is a sixth standard student. She has completed her schooling from St Mary’s High School, Valiyakunnu and college education from Marthoma college, Thiruvalla.

She also completed a nursery teachers training course from Balikamadom Convent, Thiruvalla. Being an active participant in sports during her childhood, she thereby learned yoga in accordance with the Ayush Gram project. Presently, she is working as a House Keeping staff at HRDS INDIA-DDUGKY, Thodupuzha. She is very dedicated in her tasks and also passionate about cooking.

Housekeeper - Lovely Thankappan

Lovely Thankappan was born and brought up in Vaikom in Kerala. She did her schooling in KPMHS in Vaikom. She has also completed a course in KGT. She currently resides in Muttom with her husband, Sri. Vinesh P.M and three children. Her husband is a tailor by profession. Among her children, Arya P.V is currently pursuing her Post Graduation degree; Aswathy P.V is in Tenth Grade and Amrunath P.V is in Grade One. She has worked as a housekeeper at an Engineering College in Muttom and Chavara International School. She is now working as a housekeeper at HRDS INDIA, Thodupuzha. She is a disciplined and dedicated individual who puts her heart into everything she does.

House Keeper (KL - Kannur)- Latha K

Latha K was born to Late Sukumaran and Sharada in Pariyaram of Kannur District. She got married to Vijayan. They are blessed with two daughters, Meenu who is a BBA Aviation and Hospitality student and Navya who is a plus one student.Previously she worked in a shop as a company staff and also worked as a cook in a Convent. Tailoring is her main area of interest along with cooking. Currently she is working for HRDS INDIA Kannur as a house keeping staff. She is very cooperative and efficient in completing her duties

House Keeper (KL - Kannur)-VIMALA T K

Vimala T K is the daughter of Kunhiraman T V and Devaki T K who is born and brought up in Kannur. She is married to Rajeevan. They are blessed with two children Vaiga and Vedhika. Vaiga is a 4thstd student and Vedhika a first standard student. Previously Vimala worked in a shop as a company staff. She is very dedicated and sincere to her duties. Recently she joined HRDS INDIA – Kannur as a house keeping staff.

Manager Accounts - Arya.P.Nair

She is the only daughter of Prasannakumar and Ushakumari living in Pudussery, Palakkad. She completed B.Com Finance in Chinmaya Mission College in Palakkad. Married to Abhilash who is working as a Mechanical Engineer. While she was studying she started working as Asst.Clerk of Devaswom Board. She is very talented by nature and having a lot of ambitions and wish to do good for the society. She is a very sincere and hardworking , who is interested in accepting challenging work. She is having the ability to fulfill every work which she undertakes.

Finance Manager - Anjana Manoharan

Anjana, daughter of Sri. Manoharan and Smt. Pankajam residing in Pudussery is a native of Palakkad District. Her father is a Goldsmith and mother is a housemaker. She has two elder brothers, Anoj and Vinoj working as an electrical suprevisor and Internal auditor respectively. She has completed her Post Graduation in MCOM Finance and also pursued her in Co-operation from Marian college Koduvayur Palakkad.

She has an intense passion towards dance and has participated in various Youth festivals and Competitions throughout her schooling and College and grabbed Prizes. Along with that, she is also an athlete, and has participated in District Level Competitions. After her studies, she was placed on an internship training for over 6 months under a GST and Tax practitioner in Palakkad. She is an optimist and a self-confident person who have strong sense of motivation. She is kind and good natured person who is easy-going with people around her. She also has a keen interest in pencil drawings and continues to maintain it as a hobby till date. She has now joined HRDS INDIA as Accounts Assistant with the financial team.

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