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“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treatments of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” - Joseph Campbell

Parasparam is a social-psychological, learning movement set in motion by HRDS INDIA for the upliftment of the adolescent young generation. They fundamentally work towards helping people who are subjected to excessive substance use. The project sets their sight on the holistic development of youngsters through various psychological interventions, assessments, tests and trainings. Parasparam has a wider perception, which isn't confined to a particular aim. It enthusiastically nurtures the real

essence of life for progression, and preserves the inherent goodness and virtue of young people through influential proceedings. It helps to eliminate and prevent all forms of abuses against children. It enhances the exhilaration and abundant goodness of life with absolute development in multi factorial areas like physical health, social health, spiritual health, Psychological/mental health. It helps to improve academic excellence of the students, develop self-esteem and confidence among the students. This project also have in view to eliminate examination fear of the students and to improve leadership skill, communication skill, and helps to solve problems of socialization of the students with the help of adept psychologists and professionals. This project attempts to perceive the learning disability among the students and to provide therapeutic assistance.

PARASPARAM helps the students to realize their potential, build their self esteem, and to prevent exploitation in all spheres of their life. This project also stands for an eco-friendly and hygienic life style, and to promote a counter culture among the students. It also helps to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Youth are the future of our society. They are the hope of a nation, for that they need to be strengthened and enlightened. They are the buds waiting to bloom. If we chip in with care and love, our society would become an idyllic place to live in. There are only a few people or organizations who takes it on themselves so intensively to come into contact with those people with high dependency on substances. What HRDS INDIA endeavors achieve is that there are people, particularly the younger generation of our country, who are still in the darkest time in their lives. It is very important to help them encounter the reality who had once tried to make an escape as it's true that it's not the drugs that make a drug addict, its' the need to escape the reality. HRDS INDIA exert themselves to prepare the students and adolescent people to have a remarkable future. It's a significant

fact that addiction makes the whole family suffer, not just the person who use it. Usually, children fall prey to such a situation and often subjugate them, which takes hold of them emotionally and psychologically. In this condition, HRDS INDIA play a very fundamental role with their course of action to uplift and aware the students by involving them in several study groups, tutorials, workshops, counselling sessions etc. to annihilate the psychological distress and social disruption.


The Project intents to bring about thorough development of India's adolescent students and youth through various strategies, interventions, series of action, tests and trainings.


To afford protection to the lives of people and promote healthy lifestyles; and make development towards fruitful and effectual living.


  • Promote the real essence of life towards progress
  • Preserve the inherent goodness and virtue of people through inspirational guidance. Eliminate and prevent atrocities against children and fending off the increasing cases of child abuse.
  • Enhance quality happiness and goodness of life along with the development in multi factorial areas like physical health, social health, spiritual health, Psychological/mental health.


  • To improve the academic excellence of the students.
  • To improve/develop self esteem and confidence among the students.
  • To improve leadership quality of the students.
  • To improve the communication skill of the students.
  • To develop life orientation of the students.
  • To solve problems regarding socialization and interaction of the students.
  • To improve the social participation of the students
  • To develop an eco – friendly & hygienic lifestyle among the students.
  • To promote a counter culture among the students.
  • To strengthen the parent-child relationship which might hinder due to several reasons.


  • COMMUNICATION - Activity based training programme
  • MOTIVATION - Activity based training programme
  • LISTENING - Activity based training programme
  • LEADERSHIP - Activity based Audio - Visual Programme
  • ATTITUDE AND SELF CONFIDENCE - PowerPoint based Audio - Visual Programme
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT - Activity based Audio - Visual Programme
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Activity based Audio - Visual Programme
  • PREVENTION OF DRUG ABUSE - Activity based Audio - Visual Programme
  • SUICIDE PREVENTION - Activity based Audio - Visual Programme


  • Street Play on Social Issues
  • Street Exibhition on Drug Abuse, Child Abuse etc.
  • Community Awareness Programme on Positive Mental Health, Health & Hygiene


  • Counselling Programs
  • Pre-assessment File Creation Individual and group counselling
  • Counseling and guidance
  • Post assessment Follow up

PARASPARAM is a new awakening among the numerous social activities done for the indigenous community, aiming at the psycho - social development of the youth. This programme will reach into the students in schools, colleges and other educational institutions and also to youth. Moreover, that, Parasparam address the rising issues among the above said and make them able to understand his/her strength & weakness, and to adjust to the normal stresses of life and can contribute fruitfully to his or her environment. Ultimately, character formation is achieved through this programme that will eventually lead to have a strong future generation.

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